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  1. Melanie M says:

    All your food looks so good. Do you eat them all cold ? Like, not reheating them.

  2. Tanya F says:

    I made this recipe today and it came out amazing. Super delicious and great for meal prep.

  3. honifit says:

    It's a giant meat pie not a pasty! Cornwall is where the original pasty comes from but in Wales they call theirs an 'oggie'.  It's a half moon shape with crinkled edge which was used by coal miners to hold with their dirty hands so they could then throw that bit away.

  4. wow so easy !! looks good ?

  5. can't wait to try this ?

  6. Are all youre meal Good for evryone ho wants to loose weight or is it IF you build mussels???:) hugs from Sweden 🙂

  7. This cooking channel approves ???????

  8. can you make a video with your favourite butt exercises? 😀

  9. hello Jen,, so I'm in the process of doing your workout plan on the fitt plan app, and I would like for you to send me a list of all the supplements that you recommend when doing your workouts. thank you

  10. Just curious if you've ever tried this using a whole wheat pastry flour? Regular whole wheat would be too dense and chewy (not the flaky crusts pasties are know for…I know, we've got family in the upper peninsula of Michigan we're they are a food category of their own ?). But whole wheat pastry flour is supposed to yield lighter, flakier results more like regular flour I believe. Great recipe!

  11. Your dogs are really cute ??

  12. Diana Best says:

    Dammmnn girl your cooking is the BEST! Zak put a ring on that finger ? wifey material!!

  13. eternallyww says:

    It looks amazing!!

  14. I really need to get back on track with my food choices. Thank you for the food ideas!???

  15. Lynny Kimmy says:

    You are super cute and fun but this isn't healthy at all. Only the veggies are. Everything else is terrible for you ?

  16. Jen, I love your crock pot ideas & bought crock pot becuz of your recipes! ❤️

  17. deeveeous85 says:

    Great recipe! I love your videos!

  18. Yasss girl what a awesome recipe !!! Can't wait to try it !!

  19. Kelly Becker says:

    Did I miss the update on Kru?

  20. easy… love your meal ideas❤


  22. Farrah.Malik says:

    My struggle everyday ?

  23. My kids would love this ! Thanks:)

  24. I made your bacon turkey chili recipe—sooo good! Perfect meal post east coast snow storm!

  25. looks freaking delicious!!!!! It's better if you use ice cold water to make the crust, this would allow the butter to stay cold. When the cold pockets of butter melt while in the oven it creates an amazing flaky crust. Try it and see if it made a difference in the crust for you.

  26. Sun Mi Whang says:

    Love your recipes videos.

  27. Your dogs are ADORABLE!!! The recipe looks pretty tasty, too. lol Thanks, Jen!

  28. Love your recipes, chilly was awesome

  29. You made the crust look so effortless but yet every time I try it fails miserably ?

  30. Lucy Touche says:

    With the intuitive eating and "no processed foods", wouldn't pasta and white flour counts as processed? I'm so confused about what counts!

  31. do you have any keto recipes?

  32. Grey says:

    i like using 96% lean beef to make frozen burgers. I add a pound of zucchini and seasonings into the blend to keep it moist.

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