Full Day Simple & Easy Vegan Meals w/ Recipes! | What I Eat In A Day {oil-free}

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32 Responses

  1. Your food looks so good!!! I have followed you on Instagram for a long time now, but just started watching you on YouTube. big mistake…. I should have watched sooner! I love your videos, and I can't wait to make those beans <3

  2. Moses Lawson says:

    That's that FIRE!!! New subscriber coming your way!

  3. How long did you leave to potatoes for?

  4. Leah Freeman says:

    recently gone vegan and this channel has given me so many recipes! xo

  5. whoa i need that potato maker thing

  6. whyoweyou says:

    that lunch kale mix omg yuuuuuummmm

  7. do you have videos on your garden?? If you don't you should definitely make some that's knowledge everyone should know. burrito wrapping game is weak tho. solo bromeaba.?

  8. WholeFoodFun says:

    mmmm Im gonna buy almond butter next time I go out!

  9. you go hard on the nutritional yeast! nice!

  10. KathyPe says:

    laughed so much at the massage part 😀

  11. Couldn't you just squeeze the avo or scoop out the insides instead of cutting into cubes if you're just going to mash it all up anyhow? Plus it just fun to squeeze it out lol.

  12. Oh everything looks fantastic! I'm really looking for a good sourdough bread too. And the lunch is so beautiful! Can't describe how hungry I got from this video ??✨

  13. this looks so good and super healthy! great recipe, just subbed to your channel 🙂

  14. Yeah. I'd eat ALL THIS GOODNESS! And also, it's too hard to wait when beautiful toast is waiting for you:) loved this video chica!

  15. Jess lol says:

    wow these recipes look super easy and tasty, i'll definitely be recreating some of these. except for the kale 'salad' i absolutely hate it haha 🙂

  16. How did you make the turmeric rice?!???

  17. pastaahh says:

    omfg yes slather that AB on that toast mmhmm #dontskimponspread

  18. Lia Victoire says:

    yum! really good recipes! x

  19. Love videos like these!!!

  20. meow_allison says:

    Yay!! I love how you showed how to make everything in this what I eat video 🙂

  21. Delicious day of eating!

  22. amber23 says:

    Is there just turmeric in the brown rice? x

  23. Do you cook and eat the kale stems or just compost them?! 🙂

  24. kay c says:

    love your recipes! would you please be able to do your mum's vegan pan de sal recipe? since going vegan i miss it haha

  25. Nina Bayne says:

    Every single avocado was avocado goals ?❤️ Love u Jasmine!

  26. I want an air fryer!

  27. Maria Casas says:

    I just discovered your channel and I am OBSESSED! You are super sweet just like your YouTube name states it ?☺️

  28. Toya Maxi says:

    So good! Nooch 4 the win!????

  29. Super-delicious, yo. ^-^

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