What I Ate Today | New Breakfast & Lunch Ideas

Check out what I ate today for some healthy meal ideas!

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Spinach and White Bean Soup: https://youtu.be/0O4P5ryoGJY

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20 Responses

  1. Blue Jay says:

    Yummy recipes Jen, thank you! I love chickpeas but they bloat me terribly, so I always end up avoiding hummus etc. unfortunately…do you cook them in any special way to avoid that? do you buy them pre-cooked or how?

  2. Wow all of it looks so healthy and good. I love these videos!

  3. sini_fue 89 says:

    Watching this in Germany 🙂 Love your Channel.

  4. @howjendoesit everything looked good! loved the video as well!

  5. yum! makes me want to make eggs. and salad! and soup!

  6. The soup looks so easy and nutritious!! I love showing soups. They are so hearty for you! Hugs, Laurie

  7. That salad looks SO good – definitely want to give it a try!

  8. Karen Smith says:

    More yum! Thank you!

  9. I think these are my favorite videos of yours! I always get inspired with all the simple and yummy things you share. Thanks!

  10. Drooling over your breakfast ??? I can't wait to make it! Thank you for always coming up with new humungous recipes ?

  11. May N-S. says:

    All looks healthy and delicious! Thanks for sharing! ?

  12. Susan J. says:

    For those that don't live near a Trader Joe's, Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime taste very similar to the T.J. Chili Lime Seasoning.

  13. Lisa Marie says:

    Yum!!!! That salad & the spinach soup look delicious ?Tfs Jen!

  14. Yummy. My son loves cottage cheese with tomatoes and pepper for a snack! I'm going to give that breakfast a try!!

  15. Everything looks so delicious. Especially that breakfast!

  16. hey jen old navy has a sale on their shorts if you need some for summer !what length do you get i want to order some as they ship to ireland i dont want them too short do you go for 5 or 7 inch i forgot what you said you bought them in?

  17. Love this Jen! I'm going to make that soup!

  18. Everything looks delicious! Thanks for sharing Jen!

  19. ilonka ona says:

    Love your channel !!

  20. Hello Jen nice to see you again

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