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  1. lexus007lmlm says:

    yes, more bento box recipes! ?

  2. Norma Fig says:

    Yes please show more…. I am 59 years old and learning to do veganism recipes.  You are teaching me how to meal prep which is great.  thank you for taking the time to share your recipes.

  3. I watch and love all your videos! Just wondering, what is the research to suggest that oil, especially in small quantities, is bad for you? From what I understand healthy fats are useful and essential to a complete diet, and it's the refined carbs and sugars that actually cause problems!

  4. Saga Asmr says:

    My diet is vegan, wheat free and low sodium. Honestly being creative has never been so hard.

  5. I wonder how it'd taste with smoked tofu. I love smoked flavor!

  6. Ansu Binoy says:

    the water has disolved?

  7. Human Being says:

    giiiirl,bento box preps r good idea. also, wish u to get well very soon!

  8. Joelton Yee says:

    The video hasn't stared yet and I have already liked!!!

  9. please! tell us about your favorite kitchen gadgets that you use! thank you

  10. bootslawless says:

    i love the meal prep videos! good work!

  11. I love bento box lunches !!
    Thanks for all your work on your videos ?
    I did buy your ebook I love it
    Thanks again

  12. This was just perfect, more videos please 🙂

  13. SonyaaJaynee says:

    You have truly helped with my vegan journey. Your approach of food fits with my lifestyle. Thank you so much

  14. just wanted to say your intro song makes me smile everytime. its so happy.

  15. D. V. says:

    Looks great and I'm sure it's tasty as well

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