Cheesy Milk Pasta & Bread Mukbang | Easy Pasta Recipes & Story Time

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33 Responses

  1. I can only watch your videos if I'm eating or else I get hungry ?

  2. Boyoung, you eat too much like a baby piggy ?

    I love you really, Boyoung and your videos! I just wanted a chance to be on a video ? I'm actually amazed you can eat so much and stay in shape and pretty

  3. "Big ass Bread!" lol ??

  4. Afro Thunder says:

    you a good cook boyoung.

  5. Boyoung! You are making me very hungry ??? I like adding cheese to my pasta too! I think everyone does, especially in Italy! And you said croissant, almost right, but very close pronunciation actually and also I wanna be featured in your video but not because I'm hating you in the comments, I love you and your Mukbangs so ? lol

  6. Good night Booyoung!

  7. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ♡ Btw, how's looking after Max going?

  8. Amira Abdz says:

    this is a gift for the 30k subscribers right XD great video and great channel love ya??? btw it looks really delicious^^

  9. Nevsh says:

    I just had a meal, now I'm hungry again xD Happens every video 😀

  10. Theshhami says:

    she's such a cutie lol

  11. Boyoung you deserve a million subscribers! ??

  12. Nuol Noeul says:

    omg that carbonara with cheese was hot!

  13. that looks good ????

  14. Ahd Ghazal says:

    my favourite channel so faar❤❤❤ Boyoung is the best!❤ I love people who love food just like I do ❤❤❤

  15. Lunch time over here in my country, because of you I'm getting some pasta today hahaha, greetings from Chile ??

  16. Army Nina ! says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAY another video <3 <3 <3 I LOVE YOUUU BOYOUNG <3 !!

  17. Ledki says:

    You are so funny!!! You do not eat like a pig! You eat well. Don't be sorry, This Mukbang is a good one!:)

  18. i am sorry to say this buttt, why did u break that pasta into two parts?(but it's your cooking so i shouldn't bother).. but btw u look beautiful even you eat a lot..? how can you do that?

  19. I love you Boyoung❤❤

  20. Caiden Rhys says:

    The food looked so good! I'm filming a grilled cheese and tomato soup video later! Great job!

  21. Anya Takumi says:

    I was about to sleep but then Boyoung uploaded. And I was like "Who needs sleep anyways???" ??

  22. i love your videos Booyoung.. 😀

  23. Avital says:

    you are so pretty!!! Have a nice day / night. thank you for the video

  24. Dhruv Lal says:


  25. I feel so achieved being here early! XD

  26. Hi guys~
    If you're wondering how I take selfies while eating…
    I'll show you later in the video hehe.. xD
    Also I'll do a "reading hate comments" video soon.
    So if you want to be in it, leave some hate comments(?)
    Don't be too harsh though lol xD
    Also, there's a story time in this video.
    (The selfies I took during the video were posted on my patreon page)
    I hope you enjoy it!
    Thanks for watching!

  27. I don't wanna talk or nagging too much…Just subscribe that's better i think?????❤????

  28. Yes!!! I needed a mukbang ^u^

  29. Franciska says:

    Hii ^-^ I hope you're having a great day/night! Love you ??

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