ULTIMATE Hangover Hash Browns with Sausage Gravy – Breakfast Recipe

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  1. derek watson says:

    Where's the Cayenne?

  2. Wow.. These look amazing. Are these all your personal recipes?

  3. Paul Stack says:

    This is state of the art American chow!

  4. Andy Crump says:

    you Americans eat some weird stuff what is sausage gravy lol

  5. that looks bomb af. will be trying this very soon, thank you for sharing.

  6. Man, my favorite breakfast as I said in another video comment. One thing you can try is basting the eggs instead of over easy. Basically, instead of flipping the eggs, add a couple tablespoons of water to the pan and cover for 1-2 minutes. I usually don't use as high of heat when I baste as the eggs come out softer and richer.

  7. A local restaurant, The Shack, offers a similar breakfast dish called "The Kitchen Sink". The first layer is griddled hash-browns with onions; the second layer is scrambled eggs with ham; the third layer is biscuits; the fourth layer is sausage gravy; and the fifth layer is a choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. It's GREAT… although you can feel the heart attack coming…

  8. Danae says:

    anyone with a true hangover would not be able to make this.

  9. I like to add in some quality hot sauce to recipes like this. Not Tabasco or Franks, but a good habanero or even better, a sauce with Trinidad Scorpion peppers. There is nothing like hot sauce for hangovers. Your body is fooled into forgetting about the alcohol because it detects a substance that it "thinks" is much more toxic. I love heat!

  10. One of our eateries in Ft. Collins has a great dish for brunch called the Hangover Bowl. It is a bowl of potatoes topped with three eggs any style covered in green chili and melted cheese. Comes with a flour tortilla. Pappy's Corner Pub. We go there often after morning hikes. Add a bloody mary and you're ready for a nap.

  11. Wow this is dinner for me! I love to make breakfast for dinner! It seems so much easier sometimes, cheaper, and a whole lot yummier!

  12. Queen Negus says:

    god this looks so good. I'm the only person I know that likes overeasy eggs & the yolk is just delectable on potatoes w/hot sauce & ketchup.I'd need a nap soon after this hearty breakfast.

  13. David Cook says:

    If you can flip the potatoes in the pan it's easier to brown all of them. Just takes patience and minor skill.

  14. No need to add salt because the sausage and Worsterchire sauce already have plenty.

  15. Looks really tasty. It must be hard to prepare that, though, if your hangover is severe, lol! xD

  16. Al Capone says:

    I'm making something similar now. but I would tear that shit up. Mmm Mmm bitches

  17. YUM. I've never made my hash browns chunky like that (I usually shred them) but this looks delicious. Definitely must try.

  18. I should make this every day while at the cabin..Looks like the perfect base to lay down for the afternoon drink-a-thon….Looks damn good Larry!!

  19. but how can you cook when you got hangover lol

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