3 Easy EASTER Treats!

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  1. Absolutely love the orange chocolate covered strawberries ???great idea!! And the popcorn too. Now i know what treats to make this year ?

  2. Klimt Kahlo says:

    Guess where I was today? The peep factory in Bethlehem, PA, Just Born! And I ate some peeps, even though I don't really care for peeps that much, but I have to say they taste much better fresh!!!


  4. kbrown2017 says:

    You are the Queen of Puns!

  5. belizeguy says:

    Oh, Peeps!  I miss them so.  None here in MX, but that's OK.  Great treats!  Thanks.

  6. Kathcookie says:

    love this video!!! such amazing recipes!!!

  7. "I'm sorry, Peeps!" Geek says. That is soo not true. She is a murderer!! Stay away from her. She BLENDS her peeps. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?!?!??!!!?!?!

  8. T Y says:

    I applaud your pun skills ??

  9. Omg, I can't get enough of your puns! So funny!

  10. Auremin says:

    LOVED the puns in this one ?

  11. Kim Spiteri says:

    Can you post a video similar to what you did for Christmas themed parties please? Or an easy Easter lunch menu

  12. Jayda Bailey says:

    I'm not really a pagan Easter celebrator but I absolutely love carrot cake and I'm obsessed with rabbits (I have 16) definitely gonna give this recipe a try and good thinking with the orange strawberries, love this channel!

  13. frann t says:

    I so enjoyed the humor ?! !they all look yummy and will hop on our table for easter! ? tfs

  14. BunnaySango says:

    PEEP MURDERER!!! lol jk

  15. Love these! And of course, love all the puns! 😉

  16. Riya says:

    hey um my store doesn't have the orange candy melts so can I use white chocolate melts and add orange food colouring to it?

  17. Made two of your recipes today: breakfast mmuffins and the popcorn treat.

  18. loved all your puns. Makes me smile.

  19. Please do udon noodles 3 ways!

  20. Kaitlyn Mast says:

    the puns alone have me crying Oh my goodness

  21. kerry0010 says:

    I remember when this channel only had 30k subscribers. Now you are over 1 million!!! So proud to see an amazing, passionate youtuber like you get so far 🙂 #Proud

  22. Lea Lopez says:

    omg that milkshake is a recipe of heart attack….. GIVE ME ONE!!!!

  23. Dittygirl89 says:

    don't apologise for the puns, they are hillarious 😀

  24. mysonruns says:

    Yes! That pink top just makes you look ready for Spring! Such great ideas for Easter! What a brilliant idea for the carrots.

  25. -Me Okapi- says:

    You remind me of Kas from star trek. Also how are your videos so good I feel like I should have to pay to watch these.Thanks for the recipes!

  26. You are the BESTEST EVER! ???????

  27. joegile says:

    hey Lovelies!!!

  28. Mr. Jingles says:

    great video and happy easter

  29. Kerry Conway says:

    We dopnt get any of these treats in the UK! gutted!

  30. Bunny bait because they are "earrisistible" (_/)

  31. Hannah Plas says:

    First: The puns were AMAZING!? I especially loved "rabbit up"?? and "Easter punny"?? you should make every video as pun filled as this one, it so hilarious to watch!?
    And the smarties looked so cute, especially the small ones – great recipes as always! You make a really good job there!??☀️?

  32. Dee Bo says:

    Is there any way to make the peeps milkshake sugar-free?

  33. i love your puns lol dont apologize for being you

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