3 Super Easy Vegan Dinner Ideas!

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  1. lexy snyder says:

    Does anyone know any other place that sells cooked lentils like that? I have a costco membership a walmart, kroger, foodlion, martins, and weis near me. Probably a few more im forgetting too!

  2. I never thought to add Lentils or the Nutritional Yeast to Spaghetti. I'm going to give that a try! I used Meatless Crumbles last time & added a diced Tomato. Next time I was thinking of adding bell peppers & onions to the sauce.

  3. Amos Presley says:

    That stuff looks great.

  4. Trixie Rose says:

    Loving the no oil options πŸ™‚ Btw: What oil free balsamic dressing do you buy?

  5. Suki Pannu says:

    So excited to make all of these!! thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Darren Boggs says:

    Why does it say 3 easy vegan lunch ideas on the pink banner in the video? lol

  7. molly44 says:

    Great ideas! I would be interested in a more involved cooking video if that's something you would be interested in doing.

  8. I love seeing how someone cooks for two because I live with my boyfriend and I am always cooking for the two of us! My boyfriend is a really picky eater so it makes it difficult.

  9. Ariel M says:

    Dani- you need to get a sponsorship from Trader Joe's! πŸ˜› So many great ideas!
    Yannick is obsessed with those lentils… they're so yummy and we can't find anything like them.

    This is such an awesome series!! I loved all the vids.

  10. Another really delicious vegan recipe I just had to share, potato and cauliflower curry, aka β€œaloo gobi”. Indian cooking actually has a lot of vegan/vegetarian meals. if you like kinda spicy food, you will love this! http://www.food.com/recipe/aloo-gobi-84324

  11. Or you eat it all in one setting because you like food.

  12. Have you tried the braga farms Asian cashew salad from Costco? It's so tasty!

  13. I want to try the lentil sphaghetti!

  14. kindchoices says:

    Totally making these! Thanks for the ideas!

  15. Paola Olivas says:

    Nice job Dani! Love you! ❀️❀️

  16. Kirby P says:

    Thanks for the legit EASY ideas!!! sometimes meal vids are labeled "easy" and they are actually v complicated but these were all legit easy af!!! Will try these ideas this week

  17. I loved this series! I'm not vegan, but I've been trying to incorporate more planet based meals into my diet. Can't wait to see more videos like this!

  18. Liz r says:

    hi Dani you really should try putting hummus in your pasta it's tastes amazing.add it to the spaghetti sauce then add your noodles it will blow your mind

  19. Monica G says:

    i'm gonna make that loaded sweet potato later this week!

  20. Whole Foodie says:

    I Love that chili lime seasoning! I use it with lemon on oil free fries and it's SO GOOD!

  21. Becca Bell says:

    Check out Anarchistkitchen for some great ideas. Just found them. Not your typical what I eat in a day or recipe vlog, it's neat. And Sarah's vegan kitchen. Both are very informative. I cant wait to meal prep.

  22. jenn doyle says:

    she put lunches in the beginning of the video! i got confused haha

  23. Can you do a 3 super easy vegan snacks? I love your channel, especially the preggo updates πŸ™‚

  24. You are so beautiful! I love this video, such great idea's! Thank you so much for sharing! XOXO


  26. NikkiVegan says:

    Yummmm! I need to try that chile lime seasoning asap, looks so good πŸ™‚

  27. Loved this series! Thank you, love!!!!

  28. I wish I lived near a Trader Joe's ;_;

  29. I never thought of spaghetti and lentils before. So clever. I think I'd really love the flavors together too. Lentils are my favorite

  30. You're so right, I once bought those lentils from Trader Joe's because I was in a hurry and they taste SO GOOD. I need to read the ingredients list and copy their spices.

  31. Gaby Arreola says:

    Omg I've never thought of adding lentils to my spaghetti! Looks so good ❀️

  32. Always love your intros!

  33. Katie Lane says:

    I just had pasta for dinner and forgot to add nutritional yeast. ? what kind of vegan am I?! ?

  34. Loving these videos! You are looking so radiant, definitely got that pregnancy glow girl!! ?

  35. iamesthere says:

    Loved this series, please do more beginner vegan meals, newly vegan so need all the easy recipes and inspiration I can find! Thanks Dani!!

  36. zeyma1998 says:

    Never thought about adding lentils in my pasta looks so good

  37. mandanicole says:

    Love your shirt! Where is it from?

  38. OMG i love these. They all look SO yummy!

  39. Love the series videos! I'm already vegan and these vids still gave me some sweet meal ideas. Keep it up! ❀

  40. The series was great! I'm always a fan of these and "what I ate today" videos.

  41. I was just about to look up sweet potato recipes! I'm trying that tonight!

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