3 Healthy Recipes | Dessert and Sweet Treats

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  1. Girl YouTube doesn't give me notifications. Smh. 😒

  2. Lisa Dally says:

    Gurl you look so pretty. Phenomenal video but I hope this cures my Skittles addiction. ILYSM!

  3. Key Tifre says:

    You have helped me take a healthy lifestyle seriously. Thank you for the wonderful videos and motivation. You are pretty awesome!

  4. i love youuuuuuuu giiirrll!! I never miss your vids, they're my jam!! 💪

  5. Sam Kyle says:

    For the record I just got the Lifesum app and it's awesome!! I know this is sponsored but I actually find it helpful and I think it's great! In case anyone is curious ☺️

  6. Nikki B says:

    WHITT your editing is getting better and better by the videooooo and also your shoulders too like girl

  7. D Vixen says:

    I'm that girl that's not phased by sweets 😉😉🤓🤓 However, our bodies need it naturally! my top fruits for the best balance and abs control are berries, green apples, and pineapples. bananas mess with my abs and I can't be having that! love you boo

  8. I just love when you come up with words in Spanish 😀

  9. Love the app!! I'm gonna try those dips too girl, they look goooood!

  10. your brows are on one today guuur lol get it!!

  11. Looks delicious!! Gonna try <3 😀 You go girl!

  12. Sugar is not all the same, refined sugar and natural sugar are two different things. Refined sugar is in all the processed foods and natural sugar (good for you) is found naturally in fruits and other foods.

  13. Megan Hess says:

    You are my fave youtube celeb.😍😍😍

  14. Oh man oh man! Thank you whit! 🙌🏾 I'm always dying I LOVE sweets! 😫 I'm trying this tonight! And I like the idea of walnuts instead of granola I hate granola! Thanks again!

  15. Eres maravillosa! Maravillosas recetas! Maravillosas ideas! Also soooo pretty!😍 éxito!!!!

  16. Bun run says:

    omg. Your beautiful, can you make videos of healthy foods that you can use for a slow cooker. plz and thx

  17. Zoe De Leo says:

    Hey whit. You should try chocolate protein powder in the Greek yogurt!! Tastes very good and maybe even a little healthier! Love you ❤️

  18. Valery Chin says:

    all about that sweet tooth life amirite??

  19. You are the most helpful fitness person on YouTube I swear

  20. jen haupin says:

    Does lifesum have the same variety in options that MyFitnessPal does?

  21. Ya quesadilla flip is on point 👌

  22. Don't hate! MOTIVATE!

  23. Dize Te Amo says:

    Yummmy!! Love it gurl xx

  24. Girl, I appreciate you for these recipes!! BTW makeup always on fleek, but extra amazing today!!

  25. That app it's a subscription

  26. Clicked on this so damn fast!

  27. Veronica Cee says:

    Yum…. peanut butter and banana

  28. Whitney you are glowing 😍💪🏻, loved the video ❤️

  29. Em Dot says:

    I clicked on this video sooo fast. I have such a bad sweet tooth. Ive been loving the angel food cake cupcakes that you made in your last video. Im so happy you made another one <3 Thank you!!

  30. I love how you called most of these snacks instead of breakfast. Like, girl, a yogurt parfait won't fill me up for breakfast, I need those eggs and/or oatmeal in!!!! But I love all of these I have to try the wheat tortilla with pb and banana 😋😋😋😋

  31. Leah Sarkiss says:

    Can you do a hair tutorial?!! I have never been able to get a perfect 80s flip like that 😰

  32. lol i'm the second type of person you described

  33. Erin Spencer says:

    Today has marked 21 days with no mini eggs….. Pray for my rehabilitation from my mini egg ADDICTION

  34. Dates and peanut butter… Best healthy sweet treat!! 😀

  35. Anyone that says FRUIT isn't healthy…can GET OUTTTTT

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