Healthy Spring Recipes

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  1. Jay Farewell says:

    Not relatable(to me or probably 98% of your viewers). I super dislike when you do have chef's on the show and they have to make you a "vegan version" for you(or even the cilantro thing). I get embarrassed for them and you. Certainly, you(your team) can get creative enough you can find something else to show instead. I personally love the hot topics for cash on the streets and Wendy what's good. More things like this should happen that seem organically a good fit and not forced and awkward. #howyoudoin #tristan

  2. I would eat all of that. It looks so good.

  3. Krista K says:

    OMG, cashew butter lemon raspberry bars NO SUGAR! Tastes like cheesecake! Love love love!! Yum. Thank you for sharing these recipes!!

  4. P R little B says:

    Yeah I live in New York and I can get local seasonal avocados and mangoes. Local Tomatoes and peppers in early spring. mmmm hmmm

    Wendy never gets to finish her breakfast before the show starts so she's H U N G R Y.

  5. Krista K says:

    Beautiful! Love love those spring rolls and that sauce! Yum!! Vegan is the most healthiest way to go.

  6. I love when black women rock their natural hair. Y'all gorgeous ladies !!!

  7. Ti. Sonders says:

    I hate the politics and baggage of veganism but I'm actually enjoying the vegan life right now.

  8. Bea H says:

    I wish we could have seen the almond butter sesame sauce recipe

  9. wendy doesn't like her because she is taller

  10. that roll wasn't anything new

  11. selick says:

    Yum I want all that food

  12. mo am says:

    One seriously cute baby!!

  13. TriniBoyUsa says:

    To all the meat-eating critics: Apes are the most closely related species to humans and are primarily vegetarian (insects being the source of meat for most). With a plant-based diet, gorillas and orangutans maintain strong muscular physiques. Do your homework…our jaws, teeth, and digestive tracts were not designed to uphold a meat-heavy diet. Biologically speaking, sure, we are omnivores so arguably a little meat isn't "bad" for you, but I'm a proud vegan because I was able to wake myself up from the nightmares we call the meat and dairy industries. We've simply been conditioned to think that meat and dairy in high quantities are good for us because it's good for capitalism (aka the root of all evil). #woke

  14. everytime I see chef ahki I get excited!!! I got her book and I'm loving it!

  15. Diane Dancy says:

    Those spring rolls are making my mouth water!!! I'm not even vegan 🤤🤤😋😋😋

  16. MARY J says:

    i am happy with my meats… thank you

  17. Hello Bye says:

    Apart from beans, nuts, seeds what carbs would raw vegans eat

  18. that's not what the cookie says in my hand!

  19. byeam King says:

    What she said her baby name ?

  20. Did she cut her hair? I guess she got tired of Wendy touching it

  21. sami ijaz says:

    I'm not tryna be rude but the hell this is recipe we all know including 5 year olds

  22. Qian J says:

    Those spring rolls look so good hmmm hmmm I'm not even vegan lol

  23. 1. Great Video!
    2. I just liked & Subscribed!

  24. w3sb says:

    Love these recipes Wendy!

  25. You better some shrimp to those rolls. Ugh

  26. I like her a lot :))

  27. I clicked so fast! I love chef Ahki

  28. Shar L says:

    you should invite some vegan youtube cooking channels on the show

  29. Wai Kean Ong says:

    She's using Vietnamese rice paper and she doesn't know how to wrap her salad with it. Time to consult a Vietnamese chef on that.

  30. Laura DePo says:

    Where my vegan Wendy watchers at! 🙌🏼

  31. Lisa Tiana says:

    I need her in my kitchen those looked delicious

  32. xNnix xVvix says:

    i would like to be vegan but everytime i go to a vgan restaurant I spend so much energy chewing all those veggies and the dishes are so watery feels like yourre munching water and 30mins later im starving again ughhh

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