Some of my favorite fast, easy and healthy breakfast recipes – aka my healthy “fast” food: breakfast edition. Thumbs up if you’d like to see me do a lunch and dinner version. Recipes below ☟☟☟

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EASIER Steel Cut Oatmeal
Put in rice cooker on brown rice setting. Follow directions for the water to oats ratio and either set a delay timer or turn it on when you wake up and once you’re ready to eat they will be done (and they stay nice and warm in the rice cooker). I like to top with blueberries and shredded coconut

Avocado Egg Toast
Save time and add protein to your avocado toast by topping it with precooked hardboiled eggs. Add lemon pepper and salt!

Premade Smoothie Bags
Pre-make your smoothies for the week – add whatever you like in the bags minus the liquid and you can make your smoothie super fast, just add liquid and blend!

Waffle Sandwich
Look for ‘healthier’ waffles at your local health food store and top with almond butter and bananas for a quick & tasty on the go breakfast

Egg Bites
Add egg whites and veggies to muffin pan and bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes or until cooked through. Keep them in the fridge and pop in the microwave for 45 seconds and they’re ready to eat.

Breakfast Ice Cream
Yonana machine – http://amzn.to/2nQAUIL I highly recommend this machine I’ve had mine for years. The price is higher than what I thought; it’s $48 (sorry about that, I misspoke!). A food processor works similarly. Thaw your frozen banana for exactly 10 minutes and add thawed frozen fruit of choice. Top with coconut whip and granola.

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  1. OceanBlu15 says:

    🥚🐇🐔🐥Happy Easter everyone!!!Britney,you have the best YOUtube channel EVER!!!!Your husbund is so funny!!!HA,HA!!!WELL,HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!!!Your breakfast foods were amazing!My favorite was the Breakfast Ice cream with fruits🍇🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🍓=🍦🍧🍨

  2. Go ahead with the Lunch & Dinner versions!

  3. Weird. When I make freezer smoothie bags and include protein powder, it always ends up making a mess when I transfer to the blender!!
    Wonder what I'm doing wrong?

    Happy Easter!! 🐰

  4. souha said says:

    I loveee your ideas thank you for sharing them 😊

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    I love your beautiful Videos and voice🌸💗

  7. Happy Easter!
    Please please please do dinner video. Love your channel so much.

  8. pleaseeeeee do dinner!!!

  9. the world's most healthest fast food 😂

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  11. Madhu Jana says:

    may be a snack video instead of lunch/dinner

  12. ♡♡ everybody like this so I can have more quick meal ideas!

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  14. Sheila Perl says:

    Great idea's for breakfast! Yes, I would love lunch and dinner videos! Lol, I just loved the ending!

  15. Looloos Hair says:

    I definitely want to see lunch and dinner ideas!! I love the smoothie idea. That will be brilliant for me doing the school run with 3 kids!! My daughter and I do hairstyle videos 😉 im loving the 2 videos a week. Your videos are always amazing though 💕💕

  16. Love Meg says:

    hahahah!! that ending!! 💟 love it!
    love your breakfast ideas too! we do those egg muffins all the time too! my kids love them!

  17. yes please!!! lunch and dinner!!

  18. Grace Ogles says:

    Coconut whip?!? That sounds so good!!

  19. Friends subscribe to my channel……my new n will b motivated 😊

  20. des m says:

    Love the video!Please make a lunch version! 😀

  21. lin90210 says:

    yes please to lunch and dinner vids!!!

  22. Great, great idea! I'm trying them all, thanks!

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  24. LilyBeauty says:

    I needed this!!! Everything looks delicious!

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    Wish I could like alot of times.Please do more videos. Thanks again for the link to infant sleeping ideas from the previous video.

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  31. Jaxx ptrs says:

    Happy Easter, I love this video, I wish I could keep hitting the thumbs up, but I would love to see more videos like this, please, I'm learning new things from watching your videos, Ty, ☺,

  32. I prep egg wraps for the week. I use a flax flatbread wrap and put a scrambled egg and a slice of cheese inside. It warms up in 45 seconds at work!

  33. Great breakfast ideas and would like to watch more meal prep ideas. Absolutely love the hilarious ending of this video which made me very curious – has Ryan ever mistaken Carter's food for coffee creamer?

  34. lunch and dinner version, please.

  35. Lisa Emerald says:

    I have never seen a YouTuber with so much consistent positivity & feedback on their videos 🙂 I love that & I love your content!

  36. Mmm! These look great! I wish I didn't have an allergy to bananas and avocados. I could eat avocados all day

  37. Happy Easter! I loved the tips for breakfast!

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    Great timing really needed this video at this time of year (exams) love the video

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  45. Random question but where do you get your nursing tanks from?

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