Royal Milk Tea ♥ Easy Afternoon Tea Recipe + GIVEAWAY!

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11 Responses

  1. Ooohhhh I'm interested in the GIVEAWAY!

  2. Yanniie Mee says:

    That looks amazing 😋 I'm interested in the watch giveaway !

  3. Omo, I haven't watched your videos in a couple of months and the quality is SO NICE! Your videos have improved so much

  4. I'm guessing I can add small rose buds to tea to get the same. What kind of black or oolong would you recommend?

  5. Quiana Cheng says:

    Great recipe!! Just wondering where you would you get the frother?

  6. Do we need the milk frothed? Can we just warm it in the microwave or stove?

  7. Mimi H says:

    tea (especially with boba)😍

  8. tijames says:

    Got that aerocinno huh? It such a great milk frother 😄

  9. oliviao144 says:

    Haha I just made milk tea using your authentic Taiwanese milk tea video 🙊😍

  10. jane cheung says:

    Hmm looks so good 😊

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