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  1. I was genuinely so impressed by this really hope you get hold of a box and see how you get on.. in fact to receive £25 off your first HelloFresh box use VIRGINKITCHEN HelloFresh.co.uk/MayhemVlogs/?c=VIRGINKITCHEN

  2. cyrus649 says:

    too bad there int one in the states

  3. Annie Thyme says:

    hey Barry, just wanted to mention the link in the description box is broken- saw the one in your comment but thought I'd let you know. All looks great! Hope you and the family are all well! 🙂

  4. Gaz Wilson says:

    I wouldn't normally go onto a website just because a you tuber has been sponsored , but I truly love this idea would save a lot of wasted food and shopping sat in the cupboard. I already use food plans but they can get boring so this has enlightened me 👍🏼

  5. Leo says:

    I love how you make ads fun

  6. havent tried hello fresh, but did try blue apron before and the stuff they went was really delicious. simple recipe but was full of fresh flavor for sure. also makes a great thing for families to all help with.

  7. Joanne Gray says:

    They looked great, and a good way to get the kids involved.

  8. I love when parents cook with their children. It's such a useful life skill and bonding time.

  9. 8:46 Oh Barry! Clean your nails! You're cooking! Hehe. 10:02

  10. Solaaris says:

    Pretty expensive way to make a good meal.

  11. I think you making a few changes to the recipes to show how someone to either make the recipe better or maybe make it's flavor fit a different culture could be really good series that I haven't seen anyone else do on YT.

  12. Haven't made it through the video yet but I have to say I only have one question….. how much would this hello fresh box cost in £pounds£?? Please, please answer. Thank you

  13. I like seeing children learning to cook. I was 7 the first time I cooked 7 minute icing with my grandmother.

  14. lucy wright says:

    god id love to try hello fresh its a shame they dont do it where i live 🙁

  15. Em Lin says:

    This seems like a real time saver and a great way to learn how to cook. Wish they would expand to Taiwan someday tho the food looks amazing.

  16. Banjo Ursus says:

    I work for HelloFresh and i remember packing those green labelled Kit bags. A whole pallet of that Passata is heavy 😀

  17. onetier says:

    Been wanting to try these boxes. How did you find the portion size for the family box?

  18. Phoebe is soooo cute:))))

  19. Meg Louisa says:

    Barry please do another food fear? maybe liqurice? sorry about the spelling

  20. Lexi Winters says:

    I wonder how I can get my husband to start cooking I need a break sometimes

  21. personally I loved the Able & Cole seasonal vegetables box, just a bunch of seasonal veg to do with as you wish. lots of fun digging through various cookbooks to find something for the ones we weren't used to. the meat box wasn't as interesting, but better quality than what we'd normally get in, I recommend them for people who just want fresh food to use as they wish.

  22. This is such an amazing idea to do. Great sence of instructions and fantastic. Good Job!

  23. Will there be more baking videos with Mrs. Barry? 🙂

  24. Jamie Wall says:

    You should do a cooking on a budget meals

  25. aagerholm says:

    how old are the girls

  26. TiasAudios says:

    Chloe is starting to look like Mrs Barry 💗

  27. Runze Liu says:

    “Give me angry.”

    …Okay that's not angry, that's being possessed…

  28. Alseid says:

    I'm so disappointed this wasn't a recipe for an easy family.

  29. mika Jade says:

    Im in Australia, i get hello fresh and i absolutely love it, gotten over 50 boxes over the last year and a half only once had a missing ingredient (they refunded me $20 for that meal.) the food is great quality! quick and tasty.

  30. Hello Fresh is such an awesome business model. Are they only available in the UK or also in the US now?

  31. Zoe Field says:

    Should try the gusto box ! It's like the same but better recipes and they work with chefs in the uk to create the menus ! It's amazing

  32. iamdb1990 says:

    I love the awkward advert acting, made it more enjoyable to watch lol

  33. Mark Forrest says:

    I actually will buy this, cheers Chef Blokey xx

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