Healthy Vegetable Fry Up Cabbage For Sunday Dinner !!

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25 Responses

  1. hi. can you show ur package of seasoning you are usin???? thanks

  2. dude I am Indian.u r cooking is awesome.please tell me total protein vegetable food…

  3. What kind of knife are you useing

  4. Awesome dish healthy and tasty

  5. dilekdemir says:

    Hey, thanks for the recipe, looks yummy & healthy. I'm kind of new in this cooking thing, so I have to ask: do we use the smallest cooking plate with medium heat for cooking? Thanks

  6. elarieta says:

    Hey ..I thought I was already suscribed… Great cabbage…Good luck to you !!!

  7. LaLa Johnson says:

    Dude you should check out the tasty videos. no talking

  8. My friends will like this dish!
    Thanks Chef Ricardo!

  9. This fried cabbage dish! looks really delicious!

  10. Thank you for sharing I like it

  11. CaramelDiva7 says:

    Looks Delicious and Tasty. This meal is healthy . When I cook this meal, I had codfish. Thanks for sharing

  12. julie henna says:

    I made this recipe and had to guess at the mixed herbs -it turned out very yummy – i liked it yummy and nice.

  13. +chef Ricardo . You know Jamaican eat rice and peas on sunday man..Nice video. I will try it.

  14. Looks delish, thanks for sharing your lovely video, thanks again Chef Ricardo… Big Up to you everytime!!!!

  15. julie henna says:

    what does your mixed herbs consist of – are you to list the herbs out ?

  16. Mrs NYC says:

    Looks good. Thanks to you I make cabbage twice a week. You are appreciated

  17. Toya S says:

    What brand is the mixed herbs and all purpose seasoning

  18. what brand is the mixed herbs?

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