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24 Responses

  1. Cann you make breakfast without avocado

  2. Taemzy says:

    love it ❤️ greetings from switzerland 😊

  3. I tried the overnight oats with nectarines and peanut butter and it was delicious <3.
    You really inspired me. I always thought the oats recipes are too difficult, but as I started watching your videos, you proved me wrong, so thank you!
    Another recipe that I always enjoyed is yogurt with oats and homemade jam (my mother makes it). It's delicious!

  4. Yes! Great amazing ideas – will try them all! Thanks! Definitely make more videos like this!!!

  5. Doudou Kh says:

    really love your videos ! so inspiring ♥

  6. novakate says:

    Yum- these look delicious! Can't wait to try them out!!

  7. you should do a video about your homemade granola!

  8. BeccaBxo says:

    I cant imagine having to live a life where you have to count the pieces of fruit and nuts you eat….thats no way to live. I cant believe she was counting the amount of calories in the fruit toppings on the oatmeal. Fruit is healthy! Dont deprive yourself of that. Just eat healthy, natural foods – dont count calories!

  9. Karo Verloo says:

    I really love your channel and your editing! Everything looks always so delicious yet it's always healthy! I'm also sooo jaleous of your hair!😱

  10. You're my favorite person on YouTube 🤗😍🙌🏼😜


  11. Om Yoga says:

    This is very helpful. I'm going to try it all ! I'm always so happy to watch your videos every thursdays it helps me to stay on track. I've already lost 8 lbs since 1 mont following your precious advices. You are my new guru ^^

  12. Ana Maria says:

    Your recipes are amazing! I don't know what I would have eaten for the rest of my life if it wasn't this chanel 😂❤

  13. Love your recipe ideas! Quick question… is it ok to use instant quaker organic oats? The only ingredient is organic oats. I've been eating them using some of your recipe ideas (love the cacao powder one) and it's so good!

  14. megan bester says:

    What yogurt do you use ?

  15. Lonely Girl says:

    Love your recipes and your editing. Your food always looks so delicious. Would you mind sharing where you bought or what brand are your white plates and bowls? I just love dinnerware aha. I would also like to suggest some videos: Kitchen Tour, What's in my fridge, My most used kitchen appliances and What's in my pantry 😀

  16. sadaf sabir says:

    I hv also bcm obsessed with ur oatmeal ideas😍
    u r amazing girl.Keep going!!

  17. Hey. I wanted to know where I can get your books. I don't have PayPal and I also love in South Africa so I'm not sure how to get it 😊 love your videos.

  18. Cristina Lx says:

    I love this video! Breakfast is my favorite meal! You and your husband are so cuuuute. Keep making videos! You are awesome.

  19. Amra BiH says:


  20. Juls Bby says:

    This is so helpful!! Also, I'm trying to lose weight (I've lost almost 30lbs so far!!) and I was wondering what general amounts protein, carbs, and fat should be in each meal, and how much is recommended per day? I know it changes per person but just in general 🙂 I'm trying to not just count calories but also actually make each of my meals super balanced with those three things!!! Also your videos have helped me sososo much so thank u for making them!

  21. Amber Renee says:

    Can you do a bathing suit haul

  22. Cool Ueu says:

    How can we change the banana in the chocolate pudding?

  23. I love all these recipes!! I'll def try the egg scramble tomorrow but I'll substitute it for tofu scramble which is perfect on toast with some avo and chilli!! Thanks for giving me some inspo xxx

  24. T Stewart says:

    Starting my weight loss journey and love your ideas! Thank you for sharing!

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