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  1. saf khan says:

    Wohh no pakoras 😜

  2. Thank you for this!! It's really appreciated!! Xx

  3. Jaber Syed says:

    For someone who is a Sikh, you actually know more about Ramadan than some Muslims do nowadays πŸ˜‚ Thanks again for making an amazing video. Will definitely try out some of these foods.

  4. Afrin Hridy says:

    Thank you so much for thinking about us. Really appreciate ur effort. I was really confused what to eat as you know our food menu is always fried food, non-veg etc. I suffer from GERD usually, ur video is really helping me for sure.
    Being a non-muslim, u explained really nice about Ramadan, and made this video,may Allah bless you. Keep ur good work up. Thanks again.

  5. Asia K says:

    It's very nice of you to make this video!! Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you amazing tips and recipes

  7. Jala Ahmed says:

    she is amazing
    she covered the vedio from alot of sides
    muslim people who doesn't know how to eat healthy and filling food at the same time
    vegan people who might be watching this so she covered that as well
    and a sigh girl who is 100& educated about ramadan and how do people fast and do during fasting not only about food but about the attitude this is legit amazing even christians doesn't know about this!!
    I love this girl and that vedio
    I subcribed

    Good Job <3 Ii am so proud that I am living at the same planet that she lives in <3
    By the way I am muslim when I saw a vedio with a sigh girl who cooks vegan filling food and knows alot about ramadan and collided all in one vedio this is called AMAZING

    LOVE YOU <3

  8. I subbed as soon as i clicked on this video, love it thank you!

  9. thank you so much for making this video <3

  10. sobster123 says:

    hm I've never had a quinoa looks nice

  11. Umm Nabihah says:

    Wow I loved this video so much.

  12. Thank you so much β˜ΊπŸ’š

  13. watches this while eating McDonald's

  14. Lalla Maryan says:

    thank you !!!and you're so beautiful πŸ’“

  15. duaa saleh says:

    I loved how you described the month of Ramadan, i would never guess you are not a Muslim.
    Thank you for the great content as well πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š subscribing for sure

  16. Fab. Xoxo says:

    We eat more than that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  17. loved this thank youuu

  18. ARMAN KHAN says:

    i <3 ur accent baby.. keep making amazing videos..

  19. Roxi says:


  20. How very sweet and kind of u to share this! God bless you my dear.

  21. I was struggling with my food in Ramadan so really liked your video & ramadan Mubarak for all Muslims hereπŸŒ™πŸ’œ

  22. u have done a wonderful n practical job u work has not gone unnoticed can't wait to try

  23. which country are u from

  24. pakiraju786 says:

    Thank you for this! πŸ™‚

  25. Hamza h says:

    it doesn't become saturated fat that's I'm possible it becomes a trans fat

  26. Hamdi Love says:

    thanks sister😍😍😍😍😍

  27. your mother says:

    completely irrelevant but love your hair

  28. alhamdulilah thank you so much. my best friend and I will love this. May Allah recompense you for you effort. ameen

  29. Happy Khan says:

    thank you so much for making this video.

  30. Aalia Ahmad says:

    how can we survive Ramadan without deep fried foods?😭😭

  31. Nice channel just subscribed

  32. Afsah Farooq says:

    Wow a Sikh making a video for the muslims ???? It's very rare and highly appreciated txs buddy I am subscribing

  33. Hiiiiiii. What raw veg did you use with the butternut squash please πŸ™‚ .. love your channel just subscribed! X

  34. osman Prince says:

    Woe.. your videos are really nice… but I found your channel really late! Oh, doesn't matter i'll subscribe you now

  35. Laila Minhaj says:

    Tell me about best time to workout in Ramadan

  36. Awesome channel, can't wait to try your vegan brownie, just watched it. Also love your hair β™₯️ mashallah, can you do a hair tutorial maybe?

  37. Jolie says:

    Salam Alaikum, nice recipes!

  38. Mr 5 says:

    So happy I found your channel, love your vibe…sub'd. βœŒπŸ’–

  39. dounia saidi says:

    thank you for this vidio you helpt me so mush in this ramadan

  40. Thx, im going threw Ramadan now and your old Ramadan video, helped me VERY much!!! This video is also VERY helpful!! Thanks for caring 😊😊😊

  41. Fudge Off . says:

    New subscriber! Your so sweet X

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