10 MINUTE BREAKFAST RECIPES | 3 healthy recipes

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4 Responses

  1. Sooyoun Yeon says:

    Alyssa! You did always look good, but you look amaaaazing in this video!!😍 I have to try that smoothie cleanse as well!!
    But before starting the cleanse, I am going to have these pancakes😋😋

  2. Love, love, love pancakes so want to try that. What is a flax egg though? never heard of that. I'm just getting into a more plant based diet and love your channel….also you have so much energy and enthusiasm!!

  3. I love quick and yummy meals! Great video!

  4. That quinoa salad looks so delicious and very different from any breakfast I've had before! I definitely want to try it out!😋💕

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