Thai Breakfast Omelette

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22 Responses

  1. lol dude. i am thai and i confirm that we eat omelette with rice

  2. But I thing the fry oyster with the eggs Au Suen is also nice too, อ่อส่วน it probably simiplar we use the cornstarch and the oyster and the eggs also with the black pepper and maybe some soy sauce not so sure, some how this is one of my favorite food from Thailand,

  3. I did not know you've travel to my hometown, but I do believe that Thailand is famous for street food no kidding

  4. try some indian dishes Donald….I bet u will love those😊

  5. Piyanat B. says:

    This is not the Thai omelette at all. It seems like Vietnamese stuffed crispy omelette.
    I'm not sure where did you learn it from but this is not Thai style omelette.

    Thank you.

  6. Dick Grayson says:

    I come form thailand

  7. Love it! Definitely going to give this a try!!

  8. huak design says:

    Not thai breakfast 🙁 i never seen before

  9. Ole Kasch says:

    i was always wonderin what i can do to substitute fish sauce…

  10. Jeerisuda T says:

    Just subscribe and hello from Thailand 🙂

  11. look is so normal easy to cook,

  12. why almost all ur videos are Thai??

  13. 동주 says:

    it's like vietnamese banh xeo

  14. i just realize you have so much thai food in your A S I A N section, do you love thai food?

  15. Sofia Safaai says:

    waaa i should try thisss!!

  16. Ardiana x says:

    I love coriaaaander

  17. Ronan Mahony says:

    Nice recipe Donal. Thai is my favourite cuisine in the world – I try to travel there as often as possible for the food, it's simply amazing! I hope you had some som tam while you were over there – one of the world's great dishes.

  18. This would be pretty healthy wouldn't it?

    Could you use a normal frying pan? and could you use raw sugar

    Sounds very nice i would leave out the coriander as i'm not a fan but loving your channel only just found it through melanies channel with the muffins

  19. Maggie Chen says:

    Donald where did you get the pan?my grandma is from China and she usually uses those pans in China but we can't find any in America

  20. Love your channel Donal! And helloooo to you from Thailand 😁

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