3 Breakfast Recipes || 3 Lunchbox Ideas For School Or Work

3 Breakfast Recipes || Lunchbox Ideas For School Or Work
In this video I have shared some easy breakfast recipes.I have given some breakfast ideas but this recipes can be sure for lunchbox ideas for school and work also.This recipes are very healthy .

Egg Veggie Sandwich
2 bread slice
1/2 cup mozzarela cheese
1 cup chopped vegetables( spinach ,onion , tomato , bell pepper)
1 egg ( optional)

Veggie Macorini with white sauce
Boiled macorini
Boiled Vegetables

For the sauce
1 tbs of all purpose flour
1 cup milk( according to how thick or thin you want)
1/4 tsp garlic powder
Parmesan cheese to taste

Sour cream Sandwich
2 slice of bread
Shrerred carrots
Shererred cabbage
chopped tomato
Sour Cream ( substitute is greek yogurt)
Slt to Taste
Black pepper to taste

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