3 Easy Dinner Date Recipes For Under $10

Chef Mark – http://www.instagram.com/marknargi
Tripp – http://www.instragram.com/trippadvice

Recipes – http://bit.ly/2s5amo1

Cooking a gourmet meal for a girl at your place is a great to impress her and increase her attraction for you.

So with me today is chef Mark Nargi and he is going to teach you how to make 3 gourmet meals for less than $10.

↓↓↓ Recipes ↓↓↓

Butternut Squash Pizza – http://buff.ly/2rbQs6K

Roasted Mushroom Rizotto – http://buff.ly/2rcfiTL

Pan Roasted Chicken Breast – http://buff.ly/2rHkfaK

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5 Responses

  1. João Farias says:

    11:29 – Yeah, put porn in it… chicks love it…

  2. yo bro help me get all da pussys.

  3. Christian C says:

    Tripp is taking it to the next level! Great video man thanks to the Chef too!

  4. Legacy Vibez says:

    tripp the type of guy to stop in a red light in GTA.

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