Rava Kichadi Recipe in Tamil | How to make Rava Kichadi | Breakfast recipes in Tamil

In this video we will see how to make rava kichadi recipe in tamil. This is a easy to make breakfast recipe which is popular in south india as well as north india. This is the hotel style rava kichadi where we are going to add some carrots, beans and peas to the recipe to provide some texture to the recipe. This tasty rava kichadi is best served with coconut chutney. Kids can enjoy this kichadi with some sugar. Any type of veg kurma can also be used as combination for this recipe. I have dry roasted the rava for a few minutes before using it in the recipe as this will ensure that the whole kichadi doesn’t turn into a paste. Dry roasting offers some texture to the kichadi but if you prefer a smooth kichadi you can skip this step.

Friends please do try this easy breakfast recipe at home and have some variation in regular breakfast routine with this quick and easy rava kichadi. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking !!

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40 Responses

  1. Lydia rose says:

    aaahaaa rava kichadi paarthadhum naavin suvai arumbugal malarndhu vitadhu. super akka

  2. சுப்பர் அக்கா

  3. Janani Kumar says:

    hi sis. asusual semma tiffin recipe to have. the major advantage is the method u cook. soo clean and neat. keep rocking sis…………

  4. வாழை பூ வடை செய்ரது சொல்லுங்கா அக்கா

  5. nice receive sister. but ice cream upload panavey matringa. at least neenga epudi panuvenu comment panunga. try pani paakuren

  6. nega solli thantha dish neraya try panniruka ellamay super and delicious. ethuvum super ra tha irukum. thank u so much akka

  7. rava dosa recipe akka plz

  8. Shanthi B. S says:

    pasi therndhu pochu sister

  9. Banu Priya says:

    Nice mam..today night eh try pana poren…

  10. hii mam rava saptatha en pasangalum saptaga thqqq

  11. Wow… enaku rava kichadi romba pidikum… eppovum kadaila than vanguven…ana not anymore…. thank you so much Steffi mam …naavin suvai arumbugal malaratum….

  12. Beula Helan says:

    adi dhool sissy…

  13. Very nicely tought. Loved your cutleries. So cute. 👌👌👌

  14. namma ellam oray country namakulla eathuku nantri thozhi

  15. Jay sree says:

    nice job sister…..best tiffin item ever….easy to make….i wanna try this tonight….thankyou for sharing wonderful dishes….love you sister😚

  16. thozhi rava kichadi super

  17. Ok I'm going to try this 😊really looks yummy Steffi from srilanka

  18. unga explanation sooper akka😊

  19. nice presentation…. the way u deliver the recipe awesome sis….simply super Steffi….

  20. km world says:

    all ur dishes are nice

  21. PRIYA ARUN says:

    oats recipes irunta solunga mam

  22. Gokul Anand says:

    Chicken soup recipe upload pannunga Steffi akka

  23. PRIYA ARUN says:

    healthy breakfast.👌.ravaiku pathila semiyavum use panalama?

  24. janani s says:

    Quick, easy & healthy dinner😋👍Tnx for sharing sis ☺️

  25. AMMU HANY says:

    nice mam.. thank uuu..

  26. Super recipe 👌👌👌

  27. AMMU HANY says:

    pattani vega vacha tha. ella pacha pattani serkanuma

  28. vijay sankar says:

    my favourite. .tq. ..nyt gng to try 😊

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