RECORD BREAK RECIPE: OH MY GOD!! 500 KGS LADDU | 500 Kgs Single Piece Ancient Indian Dessert Recipe

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43 Responses

  1. all their sweat drop in the food! underarm*

  2. Aman Ayaan says:

    papam MA deshamlo Entha murkulu unnaru ayo

  3. valkyrie1066 says:

    YUM! almonds cashews cardamon, lentil flour. Except for a few times I feared a hand might be one of the ingredients!!! That is a beautiful yummy work of art!

  4. now the gods is about to be eaten wow

  5. Ridiculous, using grove in last part

  6. faiz ilham says:

    Yucks!!! So dirty 🤢🤢

  7. 12:30 you got love that look

  8. Cap in the hair? What about pubic hair in the food?

  9. vinny brandy says:

    i am muslim and i respect your religion

  10. Aidgur Dinoy says:

    why in all Indian cooking , bare hands are used no utensils or cooking instruments are use … perspirations are dripping into the food

  11. Kim L says:

    Amazing art of food work. The shirtless men were a total bonus 😘

  12. With due respect to ur religion , I have a question. What happened to that laddu ?

  13. I am always impressed with how food is prepared and cooked. I am even more so impressed with the pans and utensils used. How do people find such cookware for sale?

  14. repent now says:

    does the stone you worship talk back to you

  15. Jazz Singh says:

    is that 500kg?? more like 120kg or less

  16. Video Ucet says:

    Wow so much keshu.. In world they will cost like new house ^^

  17. yes. i. also. agree. no. shirts. it's. disgusting

  18. yuuuukkk😣😣😣😣

  19. u have so many bad comments ur not the one who eat what they cook hahaha if u dont like what u watch then back off lol so easy

  20. Nazia Aslam says:

    ladoo to theek h pr pathar ke samne q rakha h aur bandar ki tasveer q lagai h

  21. Taylor blue says:

    use gloves to make food

  22. Very very unhygienic prepration, this will cause stomach ache!

  23. Sweaty!!! Urgh… Disgusting

  24. all Muslims who are commenting nonsense are true mother fuckers… go fuck your mothers till you're satisfied… don't comment shit about Hinduism and hindu gods

  25. awesome but too much adds, dislike 🙁

  26. OceanBreeze says:

    For the first time I saw a clean working environment on an Indian commercial food making setup, but the topless workers with their sweating bodies ruined the impression.

  27. firuz miah says:

    Filthy Indians wear some clothes.

  28. masakan terjorok yang pernah aku lihat,,,ga pake baju lagi 😠😠😠

  29. swarna priya says:

    awesumm really marvelous work!!!! 😊

  30. Jaya Joshi says:

    oh god…kya bakwas hai kuch bhi dhong kar rahe hai log dharm aur bhagwan ke naam pe. I hate these dirty and greedy pandits

  31. Shaik avez says:

    you people are mad , fool's

  32. rubbish this is only a wasting of tome and money hah

  33. Shin Sun says:

    everybody touching and they re nude?! almost like they are taking bat in that ahh i ll spew

  34. u making your god with food??u worship him and then u eat him?

  35. azhar uddin says:

    goshhh…imagine the amount of bacteria they have there..eww

  36. very good job.and so nice.

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