Lunch Ideas for School + College II Quick + Healthy

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12 Responses

  1. well done. yummy recipes

  2. where in Africa are you? Kenya?

  3. nasrin aman says:

    hey u hebrish girl ain't u😂

  4. sriyana Desi says:

    I'm confused ! Isn't she the contestants of love school season 2? Who were kicked out of the show bec of being dishonest? But I love her videos ! And going to subscribe her 😂😃

  5. hey…u got a new subscriber…😘😘😘😘

  6. you are the contest of love school

  7. hy I'm new subbie n I saw u in splitsvlla n love school

  8. Hasttle Dax says:

    interesting food u made…like it

  9. Chapati noodles sounds interesting.. definitely gonna try it! Pls make more lunch ideas esp for college going girls, Thankyou 🙂

  10. I really like the idea of chapati noodles. So I can eat chapati Ina different way too now. Thank u.

  11. Kamya Khari says:

    i just stumbled accross your channel. And i've seen you in splitsvilla. I wanna make a request can you do a get to know me tag where you answer certain question about yourself or like random facts about me video. It would be great. Or Do a Q&A kind of video.

  12. Hi, girl! I i just ran into your videos and i am so happy i found them=)))) I love India so much!!! I uses to study Indian culture and i speak Hindi too. You look so pretty=) Subscribing for my beautiful Indian guru! What city do you live in???
    I also recently started my channel and would love to become friends, if you could check it out and subscribe that would be so nice=) Regards

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