Chicken Stuffed Baked Potatoes Recipe

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44 Responses

  1. How Tasty says:

    Lovely recipe! I like pancetta stuffed potatoes or mushroom stuffed potatoes, I never try with chicken…I'll surely try it!

  2. Beautiful recipe and song? Who is the artist? What camera do you use to vlog? Searching for a inexpensive quality camera?

  3. Can I add an egg to the stuffing ?

  4. Nicole Davis says:

    You did this beautifully, music and all.

  5. Arata mmmmm…delicios! 😍 abia astept sa o prepar. 👌

  6. sona ali says:

    oh my gosh i make it may children love it it's yummy thanks for you

  7. you dont peel the potatoes??

  8. Can I boil the potatoes instead? I just have toast oven 🙁

  9. nyami……nice……👍👍👍👍

  10. Layal Timany says:

    Amazing, all what you do is amazing, your subscriber from Lebanon 😘

  11. i don't understand why the people do dislike to this beautiful cooking

  12. can sweet potatoes be used instead of the irish

  13. Looks yummy, can't wait to try kf

  14. it's really difficult watching the entire video…want to eat up all the pieces..sooo good ella aunty!

  15. Hala Khanji says:

    Beautiful 🙂 I would've added sour cream too.

  16. The song title isn't in the description

  17. I'd like to try this Recipe

  18. Diya Ali says:

    I'm so gonna try it! Please more videos like these. This is such a quick and easy dinner!😍

  19. Hello cooking adventure! this recipe looks delicious! I made mine with shrimps.

  20. This is so good guys you should DEFINITELY try it 👍🏼😉

  21. Wow looks yummy and scrumptious. Will definitely give it a go.

  22. Afreen Unisa says:

    pic is look so yummy and yummy potato's and next time boil potato's yes are no

  23. Such a drool-inducing recipe, Ella! It#s such a great idea to use chicken for the stuffing!

  24. Who even disliked these videos? These are so great!

  25. This looks delicious! I'm totally making these.

  26. Belinda Erna says:

    Look so nice like it

  27. Seriously watching this in a bus and I am hungry AF. 2h till I can get food:(((

  28. えうのい says:

    しょっぱいおかず系 スイートポテトみたいな感じですね!美味しそう!

  29. the best potato dish I made was probably scalloped potatoes my mother loved it

  30. Gaia Calls says:

    Mmm thanks for your skills your a true healer you videos are great cooking healing great music healing and I always get inspired to cook thank you very much God bless you and keep them coming keep healing the world with superfoods and super music 😉

  31. Mimi Lin says:

    Potatoes and chicken <3
    My two favorite!!!
    Wanna try this so much

  32. lon maha says:

    mmmmmmmm i will try this recep but انا صائم

  33. goergea aziz says:

    woow, Soooo Yummy!!!! I will definitely try it. Thank you for sharing.👌👌👌💕💕💕

  34. sabri su says:

    i love it.thanks for sharing😀

  35. This looks delicious!!!I'm definitely gonna try to make it!!!Thankyou for this video!!!😊😌✌️✌️👏👏

  36. Asdf Asdf says:

    thank you very nice

  37. Can you do a set of breakfast/lunch/dinner basic video? With all how to steps from 0..

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