Lose 3 Kgs in a Week with Chia Pudding | Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

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34 Responses

  1. luckymisshot says:

    Hi Vicky trust you're well. Is there a way I could contact you personally?

  2. Dreamy Apple says:

    Can you please give IF- Intermittent Fasting diet

  3. Wow….thanks for this new idea to weight lose.

  4. hi please tell me in your egg diet should i eat yellow part of egg also

  5. hello sis.. plz help me out. I m in big trouble. as I highly over weight. I m 122 kg. I want to do ur raw diet then want to move to ur egg diet plan. just tell me plz that if I do this and after the diet if I move to another healthy diet like 900 calorie diet then will I gain weight? or which diet should I follow? plz help me out sis.

  6. neet kaur says:

    can nursing women take this

  7. poonam kaur says:

    Apple dal sakte hai ha nhi

  8. Super Duper and easy recipe….Thank u Vicky

  9. mrs Sehgal says:

    wow looks yummy .

  10. looks yummmm … 😋😋😋😋😋

  11. hey Vicky. I have been following your meal plans and have been getting good results. I really have to ask you a few questions. how can I contact you?

  12. Your receipes r always different and superhit just in love with your voice, your creativity, your hard work
    I will always support you love u 😘

  13. very useful recipe.

  14. manu manu says:

    Love you vicky😘😘😘 very simple recipe actually !!!

  15. Saira Nanda says:

    If I have honey and cinnamon seperately then?

  16. Unsweet coco powder to ye tasteless nahi lugega

  17. mam please make a video on L4&L5
    how to come out from Lower back pain.
    it's a request mam ….
    plz make it.

  18. yamii. good.kiss.👌👌😘😘😘😘😘💝💝💝💝

  19. saim tariq says:

    mam please tell me any other diet follow with this pudding

  20. looks yummy !! could be a great dessert alternative for all the sugar junkies out there.. thanks vicky !!! please make a video on vitamin d deficiency as it's become very common these days..

  21. hey Vicky nice video, the pudding looks 😋

  22. Husna Fatima says:

    can I follow ur 10 kgs in 10 days diet with ginger detox water?

  23. Hallo ma'am it is sure ur 900 calories diet plan reduce 10kg on 10 days pls tell me because I am must reduce my weight for healthy issue

  24. Monii Inayat says:

    oh wow looks yummy something good for summer ! i want to know if thyroid people can have this too?

  25. sahu sheik says:

    Everytime u upload a new video. My mind intructs me no to eat more junk food.
    And reminds me to stay fit..
    Thanq didi…

  26. Afifa Islam says:

    Can you share a full meal plan including this chia pudding?

  27. Sardar Khan says:

    hey man great recipe but can i use banana instead of mango?

  28. Bhargavi M says:

    mouth watering…😘

  29. hii versatile vicky the link u have given to buy chia seeds dat brand is not available soo plz suggest another original brand for chia seeds

  30. Hello Mam, thanks for your yummy recipe. Could please suggest what can we eat during lunch and dinner along with this pudding in the morning..

  31. awesome….😋🖒🖒🖒🖒

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