Steak Dinner For Two

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  1. Guys, take note 😀 cuz a woman doesn´t have to cook every day… it is really tiring and unfair ._.

  2. Kyle De Luna says:

    actully that's good for for 3, me myself and i

  3. Vince says:

    Is it ok if I just do it in a pan, or do I have to put it in the oven first

  4. John Urias says:

    I thought you well,John u

  5. 김현수 says:

    How to make it?? recipe please😂😂

  6. The steak will be flavorless because of the lack of seasoning

  7. Unicornia says:

    My boyfriend would love to make me that!

    I need to find one first

  8. those potatoes look absolutely delicious.

  9. Maggy Oliva says:

    When you want to make this for your special someone, but you're single…

  10. Lulu Gross says:

    Excuse me but the recipe sais to put in 2 garlic cloves by the steak and it showed 4 garlic cloves being put in the pan!!

  11. Peng Chang says:

    Is this comment that is not about being single?

  12. Has anyone tried this? is it good?

  13. I would love to make this for dinner for my boyfriend one day

  14. Kelly Nhan says:

    Something for me and my inner b*tch.

  15. CRod8545 says:

    Can you make potato sauce the night before and refrigerate till cook time??

  16. Gabes Petit says:

    Totally bitchin food porn! I'm stoked to try this recipe. Yep, I'll be alone for the Easter weekend too, but thanks to Tasty I'll have a full blown hectic food weekend. Thanks Homies!

  17. Ardyth Shaw says:

    My hunnnney found this and he is handling the steak and the wine…I'm doing the rest.

  18. Unicornia says:

    Steak dinner for two


  19. Marco L says:

    I'm really diggin those potatoes……Mmmmmmm

  20. Lol I'm not sharing with anyone

  21. krisluvkev says:

    I got the nicest compliment from my fiancé the other day, we were trying to decide where to have dinner and he actually said, he would prefer to eat something I cooked. Ok that may sound sexist and all but to me that was a compliment. A year ago I couldn't boil water then I started trying the Buzzfeed recipes and I've actually learned to cook. To have my guy say he would rather eat my cooking instead of a restaurants is major in my book.

  22. Made this the other night. Came out great. Never made a steak that browned so beautifully before. Thanks!

  23. ecavazos443 says:

    They didn't even wash that lettuce. That's some metal shit right there, damn

  24. Martijn Kok says:

    goddamn. just made the meal… it was fucking delicious…🤘🤘🤘

  25. Eun Ji says:

    Now im just hungry 😑

  26. can someone please gve me instructions for the potatos look so good imma make this for me and my mom

  27. that's so hard to watch …For vegans … like me…

  28. Ruby Linh says:

    sữa để nấu món này là j vậy


  30. I love these dinner for 2 ideas. These videos simplify have date nights and make it so much easier!!

  31. Maxxk Jimene says:

    why for two?? but I live alone 😢😢

  32. I would fail this date cuz I would just stuff everything into my face like I'm dying tomorrow lol

  33. Shimzini says:


  34. Hellcat says:

    I didn't think I would say this in my life, but that salad looks delicious.

  35. Honey Show says:

    For me and my crippling depression

  36. Aiyaly TV says:

    For two? I guess tasty is starting to spell the word "for freaking one" wrong.

  37. Garnet Stone says:

    Where is the A1 steak sauce? =p

  38. Antonio says:

    Mmm… Cholesterol…

  39. Rachel Iacob says:

    why did they bake it for 45mins? cant they just fry it and it would have been less time?

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