5 Healthy School and Office Lunch Ideas with Turkey!

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  1. Tanya Murray says:

    Can you do a dinner on the go video? With work and class my day ranges from 7a-7p, so I carry breakfast lunch and dinner on those days. No microwave available. Dinner to go video would be great!! Thanks

  2. how do you prevent the apples from browning?

  3. Jenny Doe says:

    You've gained one new subscriber

  4. do any kids watch this cause I'm 9

  5. GirlyTipsEtc says:

    Thumbs up for another awesome video!

  6. Paige P says:

    Wonderful ideas!! I read your blog/website and had no idea you have a channel too until recently!

  7. i love your ideas. can't wait to see more like this.

  8. azsunshine68 says:

    Love your channel! Great ideas every time! Thank you!

  9. KAYLEE H says:

    i love this channel just subscribed. my mom follow you on Facebook and instagram.

  10. first comment and thumbs up

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