Chicken Gravy Lunch Meal | NonVeg Recipe | Organized and Time Management Cooking | Gowri Samayalarai

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47 Responses

  1. Keerthana K says:

    Excellent recipe mam
    Thank you for ur non veg recipes mam

  2. Hi mam superb your tips

  3. Those who refrain from killing animals and birds and eating its flesh will receive worship with folded hands from all creatures of this world-Thirukkural(260)
    Kollan pulal maruththanai kai koopi ella uyirum Thozum-Thirukkural(260)

  4. Rekha S says:

    super mam your videos are always inspiring me for more cooking.thank you mam

  5. man really super and I am eagerly waiting for ur silver play button video and show me ur face mam

  6. aadhi anand says:

    mam I want to how to clean and organise pooja room mam

  7. M SURESH says:

    Hi mam, how u powder elaichi to fine powder please tell me the trick.

  8. Bob P says:

    Tip for storing ginger garlic paste : use ice tray and freeze the gg paste, once frozen, take them out like ice cubes and store in ziplock or storage containers. Each frozen cube gg paste can be thawed n used. Same method can be used to freeze lemon juice or any juice or herbs, gourmet butter etc, let ur imagination go wild with freezing single serves. It works for me, just saw you are taking the box out everyday cooking and thawing n refreshing it(kinda risky)

  9. super very useful mam

  10. G.Deepa Guna says:

    Today I tried it Amma it came out really superb

  11. Sarenya Devi says:

    hi amma, very useful video ma, unga channel pathathumey ninaivuku varathu annalakshmi photo than, atha yen video la remove paninga, im missing it, Marupadium athuvey first varamathuri podunga ma, pls…

  12. kirthika G says:

    really super mam 👌👌👌 well organized nd neatly maintained nd explained

  13. bhanu ramesh says:

    wow aunty super. pls show time management in morning for preparing breakfast n lunch.

  14. Hi gowri mam, Thank you so much for the requested Full lunch menu video mam. Ur quick cooking tips, organized and using less vessels helps me a lot while cooking.

  15. I love your videos very useful tips😍😛💚💛💜💓👍

  16. Aapthisree S says:

    send ur family photos

  17. Aapthisree S says:

    cloths organisation sollunga

  18. uma rani says:

    mullu murungai recipe upload pannunga mam please…..

  19. geetha g says:

    super mam really nice

  20. super mam I'll try, mam plz show ur full kitchen plz

  21. mam pls show ur full kitchen

  22. hi mam indha sunday guest varanga so definita indha menu dhan veetla surely will tell u the feedback

  23. Tamil Meena says:

    Hi akka super menu

  24. Intha receipe nattu koli la try panalama, because i avoid broiler chicken. pls reply me mam, thk u

  25. Hi mam, pls upload Nattu koli kulampu receipes,,,

  26. Rockky S says:

    hello ma very nice video,im really admired in your speech it makes me listen more.i tried most of your recipes and tips everything came daughter was big fan of you ……….and she imitates lik you in kitchen😉😉😉😉

  27. Rani Kartik says:

    super akka .very nice any kitchen tips upload plZ

  28. ar ls says:

    Simply superb mam. Will try this week, feeling hungry after seeing this recipe. One request mam, You are a very good hard worker, so please don't skip breakfast.

  29. hi Mam. Please upload your full kitchen

  30. super akka👏👏👏

  31. Nandhini R. says:

    hiyo thank you mam superb

  32. R RK says:

    how much for the masala box

  33. Amma super.saapida favourite menu ma. thanks

  34. My mouth is watering ,yummy.

  35. Ma'am do have daughter or son ,they are very lucky ,I know might taught them how to be organized in life ,enjoying this yummy everyday meals.

  36. Any one raw salad one include in their meal,simple cucumber ,carrot ,tomato ,onion salad would have been perfect with this meal,never forget to have salad every single day.

  37. Ganga says:

    Hai amma.super👌.ammavude washing machine oru thadavu pakanam poliruku.kanika mudiyuma.please amma.please…

  38. Balaji Iniya says:

    mam show ur full kitchen and organizing ideas

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