Cheesy Maggi Masala Grilled Sandwich Recipe | Kids Favourite Lunch Box Recipe | Kanak’s Kitchen

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42 Responses

  1. oh lovely mam….so healthy.

  2. Neha Hajra says:

    hey Mrs.master chef kanak ur recipe is very fantastic for kids.

  3. Jennie Chase says:

    thank u so much. I am a college student and tasty and healthy food is rare here. I can have great food now.

  4. Kevin Moon says:

    greate recipes! awesome videos

  5. Wow…..lovely recipe…I'll try it soon

  6. Just wanting & loving it 🙌🙌🙌😜

  7. Manas Goel says:

    I am having stomach infection and I am watching this😭😭😭but seriously very nice recipe

  8. Sakshi Bhati says:

    Your recipes are very unique👌👌❤
    Always loved your recipes😘

  9. Maggi and sandwiches are my favorite 😋 But never thought both could be combined.. hatsoff to you Kanak for your creativity. My mouth has started watering..m gonna try it sooon.Thank you deary once again 😘😘

  10. Nice and helpful video 😍 Subscribed 😎

  11. wow very nice my son's favorite Maggie n mine sandwich nw I can combine both gonna try it tmrw for eveng snack

  12. best recipe of sandwich yumm yumm 🙂

  13. abid rashid says:

    you are a very good cook

  14. abid rashid says:

    actually my self nasreen

  15. Amazing recipe Kanak ji

  16. Birju Prasad says:

    your recipes are very lovely

  17. Birju Prasad says:

    Actually my name is Khushi

  18. Arjun Gupta says:

    Wonderful.. How do you think it.. Seems soo tasty

  19. can i knw which cheez to use?? even while making a pizza cozz amul hai many types of different cheez soo i could not find war type of cheez should u get for dis n pizza plzzz help me ?? even for burgurss tooi

  20. U are very creative ….your recipes are the best and very unique

  21. add spring roll recipe too

  22. so yummy but I can't eat it as I don't eat onions can you please show any video which we can make without onions.plz😋☺️

  23. 👌👌👌👌👌😊

  24. Really simple and it does look appetising! Surely going to try this. Thank you so much 🙂

  25. it's a unique idea… yummy too

  26. Really mouthwatering….. Can't wait to prepare it😋😋

  27. Alfin kazi says:

    so nice recipe yummy you makes awesome recipes

  28. so yummy and mam 😊 you are so so cute

  29. Gazala Khan says:

    love your recipe dear

    can I use the normal toast

  30. Nisha Mourya says:

    I am a first liker and commenter yess nice recipe

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