Cook and Eat Wild Boar. Fast and Easy Wild Game recipes

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8 Responses

  1. Ryan, could you do a video on canning?

  2. HerrGesetz says:

    Can you do a canning video including the prep? No one ive ever heard cans wild game in New Zealand. Would be a good process to learn.

  3. squirrel is good in yellow rice too. never thought to add beans though.

  4. No salty brine just plain old water?

  5. do you ever can deer?

  6. Shane K says:

    I grew up eating canned deer and pork and like it but I can't look at the jar before I eat it! It sounds stupid but looks disgusting to me.

  7. 47kcr says:

    Sounds awesome. Now if we only had wild boar in North east PA I would be chowing down on it.

  8. Zayne Ritz says:

    Love the awesome content!

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