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21 Responses

  1. I love love love your recipes 🙂 I hope you'll do another grocery hall soon, I'm trying to eat more plant based goods and you seem to buy some cool stuff from trader Joe's.

  2. Pasta looks dry with the pesto.. but I enjoyed the video!

  3. How come your views are lower than your subscription by like so much ?? Is YouTube being weird like on other channels !! I hope not because you deserve more ! Love Nikki x

  4. The pesto looked bomb

  5. Love your videos of foods!

  6. Ela Stantz says:

    if you marinate asparagus in balsamic vinaigrette it tastes really good!

  7. Hannah Honey says:

    Love love love your cooking videos. ❤️

  8. Hart OfDixie says:

    I can't help but laugh every time when she says dude it's so good to her husband gets me every time

  9. Karlou 0109 says:

    Which brand is your bread?

  10. Aggie2309 says:

    "Dude……. this is SO good" Nikki's favorite sentence in almost every recipe video haha

  11. Cringed so hard when you used a bread knife to cut a carrot…

  12. loved all the recipes! I'm always looking for lunches to pack cause I always have such long days at Uni, so thank you for this 💖 would love more of those videos 😆👏

  13. Riye says:

    I love your cooking videos Nikki ❤️. It inspires me to be healthy 😊😁

  14. Wait…what did you use the tomato sauce for?

  15. macadamia nuts in pesto instead of pine nuts!? OH YUMMMM

  16. Do you think of all these recipes yourself, bc if you did, OMG🤤 GREAT thinking! But if you didn't and found these off of sites like Pinterest, no shame in that bc I literally LIVE FOR PINTEREST🙌🏼!

  17. candidcait says:

    Love the chickpea salad idea! Never heard of doing that before but it sounds yummy 🙂

  18. Jenny Sanh says:

    But I like your intros😞

  19. MsAlestaa says:

    so much frying girl :/

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