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42 Responses

  1. missleigh says:

    This camera quality though! What lens/camera do you use?

  2. Please upload chorizo recipe video 🙂

  3. Gloria Jones says:

    Thanks for the information because I was looking for information as to how to get started with a shake regimen. You made it so simple and you are a beautiful person. I am your fan and follower of you from now on. I love the puppy, beautiful like you. Dee

  4. Monica says:

    since starting my fitness journey, I've missed my mom's cooking, including chorizo. I'd love to see the recipe!

  5. Is 4oz of protein recommended for weight loss or does this depend on height weight

  6. Ash Gomez says:

    Would love to see the chorizo recipe

  7. can you please tell us where can I get the turkey breast and the pork loin? and what id the name brand of both, it was hard to tell what name brand it was. And YES please tell us your mothers chorizo recipe, Thank you!

  8. Claudia Blah says:

    Do you usually always have 4oz of protein with meals?

  9. Jessica Lara says:

    yei!! finally I found what i was looking for a Meal prep 😀
    & Yes make a video of your Sauce it looks really good!

  10. i cannot wait for the chorizo recipe 😂

  11. Where did you get the turkey and pork loin from? Great video 🙂

  12. Please make the snack video!!! 🙌🏽

  13. Just found your channel on youtube….love your videos girl !!

  14. Ana Melchor says:

    Thank you for sharing, where do you buy your containers?

  15. Where did you buy those tenderloins?

  16. Imari Nefty says:

    Bring on the chorizo recipe girl!!

  17. Yami Yami27 says:

    How do you eat your asparagus? Raw

  18. Rosi Card says:

    Great video girl! I will definitely try this out. Thank you very much. And yes snack video and chorizo recipe please! You look great!

  19. kels823 says:

    I would really love to see one for breakfast and snacks. Plus a breakdown of how often you eat. This was so great.

  20. Melissa Romo says:

    i'd like to know that chorizo recipe (:

  21. Your videos are so helpful! Where did you purchase your containers from? I can't find them in my local stores.

  22. I love your meal prep videos!!

  23. Love the meal prep videos! Very helpful 👍🏼👌🏼

  24. neisha Ali says:

    Please do the recipe

  25. this was amazing! I've been getting so bored with meal prep! PLEASE share your chorizo sauce recipe!!!!! I will definitely be trying all of these meals!

  26. Kellie Rice says:

    These look amazing omg!

  27. Girl we need that sauce recipe how can you tease us like that?! lol jk love your videos specially these.  you definitely gotta do the breakfast and snack videos as well.

  28. Mel S says:

    Asparagus three times a day makes for smelly urine lol

  29. This was awesome!!

    Yes chorizo recipe!! Don't tease lol😀✨

  30. Yummy! Recipe on the chorizo please 🙂

  31. Interested says:

    Yes please add sauce recipe and also is there an alternative we can use already premade at the store? Like maybe chipotle sauce added to chicken or maybe green chili sauce… do you think those are not recommended if we are trying to get lean? Thanks for the video, food looks great

  32. Yes girl please a recipe I love chorizo. & what you eat for breakfast and snack .. would be very helpful

  33. Cindy R says:

    Yes definitely want that sauce recipe 😃

  34. Yanelis Pena says:

    Please do a video for the sauce recipe! Looks amazing

  35. love this video! thanks for the ideas ☺ I would love a video on the recipe for the sauce…..

  36. Sarah Luiza says:

    Love your fitness videos ☺️
    Do you eat the asparagus raw ??

  37. Tamara Lee says:

    Recipe for the sauce please!

  38. Maria C says:

    Keep them coming💙 keeps me motivated to stay on track awesome 🍀🍀🍀😆

  39. Please do a video on the chorizo sauce!

  40. I would love to know the recipe for that sauce you added to the chicken!

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