Vegan Breakfast Nachos | Healthy + Oil-Free

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20 Responses

  1. Breakfast nachos is the most brilliant idea ever! So happy I just found your channel. Now I'm off to scavenge my cupboards for nacho fixings.

  2. RachaelSol says:

    Do you like your Copper Chef pan?

  3. All of these Brinners look amazing, and only a couple are probably not feasible (i.e. I don't have a waffle maker). Yours looks amazing!

  4. Yum !! got to make this

  5. why vegan cream cheese? does it taste like sour cream?

  6. Delicious! I'm going to make these!

  7. Your homemade tortilla chips look so gooood! Nice size for scooping the toppings! 🙌

  8. I adore nachos, hell yes to eating them for breakfast🙌 Also random question, but what kind of pan is that?

  9. Love that you toasted the corn tortillas, and Love how simple and fast it was to make. Looks just beautiful and tasty too! This collab is such a great idea.

  10. DAMN DADDY HOMEMADE TORTILLA CHIPS?! You guys are fucking BRINNER BOSSES <3 Thanks so much for collabing!!!

  11. Straightforward recipe for nights when we want something quick, easy and tasty. Saturday movie night sounds like the perfect time for these delicious looking nachos. Cheers to you guys. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  12. Yum, looks so delicious! I love nachos… and it's oil-free too… awesome!
    Great collab'n with you! 💛

  13. Can't believe I get to collab with you TWICE this month hehe love you bae 😘

  14. These nachos look amazing!!!!! Love that they are healthy and oil free. Can't wait to make these for dinner this week!!

  15. I love brinners!!! YAS!

  16. I enjoyed this, y'all.

  17. Lisa Reimi says:

    HAHA CHRIS sry my name v complicated but guys this looks so delicious!! Perfect for BBQ this summer i shall bring it hehe

  18. Delicious! I'm excited to try these!!

  19. Yum! I'm gonna make these on Saturday morning. Can't wait! Where did you get your shirt Jasmine? It's awesome, "In Plants We Trust"

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