Blueberry Oats Breakfast Prep recipe with Chia Seeds

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13 Responses

  1. Ella L. says:

    Todd's Kitchen: Tasty if Tasty was actually tasty.

  2. Ocean NCS says:

    awesome vid If you need any free music for your videos, come gander through the playlist's i have, i think they would really imrpove your stuff!

  3. thank you I'm trying to lose weight too and that is a healthy breakfast thank you again

  4. Now that is very healthy dish

  5. That is a very inexpensive and very healthy version of oatmeal. Also, It's very convienent and time saving. Looks good.

  6. Grayald says:

    looks good. I'll have to make a batch for all the times I don't want to cook. would you recommend adding wheat germ?

  7. zMTRX says:

    looking great it's amazing to see the change in your weight over the past couple years. keep it up, you're a great inspiration for others 😀

  8. Elise White says:

    wow todd I love all of these healthy alternatives , I was planning on going on a diet and this will be a great breakfast . Thanks todd

  9. Hi, Todd. Your breakfast looks simply delish. Can you make a No Bake Carrot Cheesecake?

  10. wow. looks good. I would eat it. and no one say you are first cause no one cares.

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