Flavoured Rice Recipe | Quick Aromatic Rice in Pressure cooker | Easy Rice Recipe | kabitaskitchen

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32 Responses

  1. Kavita Mali says:

    and new home yaa renovation???

  2. Kavita Mali says:

    hey mem ur kitchen beutiful

  3. madhutrendz says:

    nice recipe di. mujhe vegetable kulcha banana nahi aata aap please ek video upload kijiye na..

  4. hey kabita, looking fab in gray today. your kitchen background and your clothes are really coordinating very well.

    u know kabita, i'm in love with your kitchen and now seeing to your kitchen design and colors i wanna do the same for my kitchen. brilliant work !

  5. priami04 says:

    waww v nice recipe yummy yummy. ……u r awesome

  6. bohot simple…thnqqq

  7. Yes it's quick and easy to make. Thank you for sharing it. My daughter in California tries all ur recipe. She learnt cooking only because of u 😊😊 Thank you n love you. God bless you and ur family 🙌🏻🙏🏻💐

  8. kabita mam can we put choti ilachi instead of badi ilaichi?

  9. Raju Kumar says:

    I like your all recipe

  10. hi kabita you are sakshat annpurna.
    my daughter always she your recipes & demanding make like kabitas aunt method .
    i made lots of like bread piza,dora cake ,mutter paneer jira rice & much more Gods & your Parents wish always with you

  11. easy recipe thanks a lot for the recipe

  12. Rohan Patel says:

    U r awesome mam just hats offf

  13. app thoda speed kam karekey bhol dhena plse.appki recepies sab achi hey txs

  14. malaprasad22 says:

    Apka kitchen bahut achcha hai.👌👌

  15. Sahana says:

    Dalchini is called 'cinnamon' not mace.

  16. I love all your recipes my dear. You are such a sweet and genuine person. God bless you. Do you live in Delhi?

  17. nice new kitchen 🙂

  18. Very nice and quick recipe by such a sweet and humble lady, mashallah🌺

  19. quick and easy to make 😊😊😊😊

  20. Kabitaji AAP great ho. bahut aabhaar aapka

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