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Who doesn’t like sandwiches! Irrespective of age, Club Sandwich is something that is everyone’s favorite and preferred breakfast or snack item that is quick and healthy too! Watch and learn to make authentic club sandwich and do post your comments below.

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Ingredient list

• 2 tbsp Mayonnaise
• 1/4 tsp Black pepper powder
• Salt to taste
• Sugar
• 1/2 tsp Lemon juice
• Shredded Cabbage
• Shredded Carrot
• Finely chopped Onion
• Bread slices
• Butter
• 1 tbsp Olive oil
• Paneer pieces
• Mixed herbs
• Black pepper powder
• Cheese spread
• Mustard sauce
• Shredded Lettuce leaves
• Tomato wedges

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31 Responses

  1. Neeta Babar says:

    Madhura sandwich mast ….yummy

  2. Wow yummy vegetable club sandwich

  3. Hi..Madhuraa..liked this new awsomw style of sandwitch..that u have shown above!!..its really looking yummy delicious and Healthy too!!..packed by healthy Greeny a full meal at a time!!👌👌👍

  4. padsak says:

    Yummy! Saturday breakfast is set!

  5. Sylvia pinto says:

    y ammmy recipee ur recipees

  6. Sneha Khot says:

    मेयानीज ला पर्याय काय. बाकी मस्तच

  7. Mast.हेच सैंडविच मेकर मधे करते

  8. I dont use miyanise.what can do it

  9. vala charmi says:

    wow….superb…..attractive…dish….very yummmy….😋😋😋

  10. swetha gudla says:

    hii jii👋love ur recipes

  11. Nisha P says:

    Yummmm my soooo soooo favourite,

  12. Looking very tasty .

  13. Hi. Mayonnaise jaldi kharab ho jata hai. Plz tell me how to store it for long.

  14. Aparna Datar says:

    खुप छान

  15. Wow it's looking so yumm….

  16. Vasu Karande says:

    Thanks madhura for this awesome recipe

  17. Raju Bhai says:

    Fantastic sandwich mam

  18. Sujata Wali says:

    Very very nice recipe yummy 😛😛

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