Vegetable Club Sandwich Recipe | Quick Breakfast | Tiffin | Snack Recipe | MadhurasRecipe

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31 Responses

  1. Neeta Babar says:

    Madhura sandwich mast ….yummy

  2. Wow yummy vegetable club sandwich

  3. Hi..Madhuraa..liked this new awsomw style of sandwitch..that u have shown above!!..its really looking yummy delicious and Healthy too!!..packed by healthy Greeny a full meal at a time!!👌👌👍

  4. padsak says:

    Yummy! Saturday breakfast is set!

  5. Sylvia pinto says:

    y ammmy recipee ur recipees

  6. Sneha Khot says:

    मेयानीज ला पर्याय काय. बाकी मस्तच

  7. Mast.हेच सैंडविच मेकर मधे करते

  8. I dont use miyanise.what can do it

  9. vala charmi says:

    wow….superb…..attractive…dish….very yummmy….😋😋😋

  10. swetha gudla says:

    hii jii👋love ur recipes

  11. Nisha P says:

    Yummmm my soooo soooo favourite,

  12. Looking very tasty .

  13. Hi. Mayonnaise jaldi kharab ho jata hai. Plz tell me how to store it for long.

  14. Aparna Datar says:

    खुप छान

  15. Wow it's looking so yumm….

  16. Vasu Karande says:

    Thanks madhura for this awesome recipe

  17. Raju Bhai says:

    Fantastic sandwich mam

  18. Sujata Wali says:

    Very very nice recipe yummy 😛😛

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