Salmon Meunier Bento (Ep.16 / 100 Quick & Easy Bento Recipes)

== Ingredients (2 servings) ==
Salmon Fillets 2
Olive Oil 1TBSP
Flour 1-2TBSP
Butter 2tsp
Salt&Pepper 1tsp

== Directions ==
1. Rub in salt and pepper to both sides of the salmon fillets. If your salmon is pre seasoned, this step is unnecessary.
2. Wipe off any water off of the salmon fillets using a paper towel
3. Lightly dust both sides of the salmon with flour. Don’t coat them too thick, you only want a thin layer of flour on all sides.
4. Heat a pan on medium heat and spread olive oil
5. Place the salmon fillet on the pan, and cook until you can see the color of the salmon has changed half way through on the side
6. Flip the salmon over, wipe off excess oil from the pan, and add in the butter. Turn off heat, and its done.

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  1. This bento box is amazing!! And what a great salmon!

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