5 Healthy PASTA SALAD Recipes | Back-To-School 2017

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23 Responses

  1. Bruschetta is pronunced "brusketta" so the second time you said it was correct ☺
    (Greetings from Italy! )

  2. Hannah Plas says:

    "Depends on how you like to pronounce it"?! "Brushetta" is wrong. It's pronounced "Brus-ketta".
    It's like you have the word "shield" and pronounce it "sield". You can't just say it any way, words are said in a specific way. If that wasn't the case, there wouldn't be any proper words at all, like, if everyone pronounced every word however they wanted…

  3. Doni O says:

    These look amazing! I would love to have creations from you that are low calorie. It would be awesome to do 200 calorie or less ball jar creations for meal prep!!

  4. beau knows88 says:

    Would all of these except for the tuna one be ok out of the fridge for an extended period of time? Im wondering if i can make these and have for lunch instead of eating on campus.

  5. shapeurmind says:

    Do you have a tomato sauce (for pasta) recipe? If not care to make a video on it pleaaaaase? Thanks so much!

  6. S. Tejeda says:

    Hi!!everything looks good but what about the calories??

  7. Looks really delicious!

  8. T Morris says:

    Love the way that your julienne veggies look – can you share your secret?

  9. how could one who is extremely picky eat healthy it's such a struggle

  10. LOVE a good noodle salad! 😋😋😋

  11. Lithostoic says:

    1. Would the noodle salad taste good without the ginger? I'm allergic :c

    2. The pasta you referred to as farfalle is actually rotini. Farfalle looks like bowties.

  12. Tutoria ME says:

    Awesome Yummy Pasta Salad

  13. NoName ༄ says:

    What can you recommend to add in a salmon teriyaki pasta salad??

  14. I've been watching your videos for years, Sara, and I still love them! Keep it up ❤️

  15. They look really good! I always find it difficult towards the end of the week when my weekend prepped meals are finished and I get home late… Any tips on foods that will last until the end of the week, or how to prepare faster etc.. Thanks!

  16. Anita Wang says:

    Totally delicious!!!! Loving the jokes lollllll ❤️❤️❤️

  17. i need to sleep, but now i'm soo hungry 😅 looks delicious! 😋

  18. Tuna with the horseradish dressing is so on for me tomorrow! And next is going to be the one with the rice noodles. Tortelly amazing video. Keep looking for the farfalle though 😉

  19. Really love your puns and your recipes😍😍😍

  20. Dani Chan says:

    What would be a substitute for the agave in the Crunchy Noodle Salad besides honey? I can't have either agave or honey.

  21. Oh I needed a few ideas to pep up pasta, love these x

  22. Queen Fu Fu says:

    I love all your recipes. Pasta is the my favorite

  23. Gots to try some of these ❤️

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