Top Ten Tasty Recipes Of All Time

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48 Responses

  1. rah says:

    4:14 there's a spelling mistake. You forgot the r in "pastry"

  2. Tasty y'all stupid AF for this list… it's all wrong.

  3. Does anyone else get hella turned on by these videos

  4. okayxcat says:

    I feel bad for the guy cutting onions. he must have cried a lot.

  5. All good, but where the actual *ck do i buy all these American things like cinammon dough? Not a thing in most countries

  6. Tanya Walker says:

    They need a Tasty Top Ten Music renditions!

  7. watching to many of these makes me horny

  8. Can you say cancer 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Joxii says:

    Is it just an American thing to use practically a whole stick of butter when you cook anything?

  10. I wish they'd do more vegetarian recipes…

  11. ozeiyo says:

    "So it's come to this: A ̶S̶i̶m̶p̶s̶o̶n̶s̶ Tasty Clip Show"

  12. Adam Byrd says:

    It's been one summer. Why haven't I made one of these delicious recipes yet?!

  13. g b y says:

    2 cinnamon roll recipes? You're better than this.

  14. Kiki Games says:

    UGH… I clicked on one, I clicked on all

  15. the background music sounds so sad

  16. btw the music was horrible

  17. so what i got to learn from this is only u need butter loads of cheese ground beef salt n pepper to make thousands of dishes

  18. The video maker probably thought that tofu sucks.

  19. Kristen Gile says:

    Does anybody else's eyes water when they cut the onions or is it just me 😂😂

  20. ale yt re says:

    You are the best like

  21. Selena Lopez says:

    Damn the last one is really smart

  22. Come up with something better, bitches. If you didn't love these videos you wouldn't watch them all the way through and then comment. The Charlie Brown-esque music makes it better.

  23. B .KingBD506 says:

    Who else left after he made da first 1 then came back

  24. Laiba Nadeem says:

    Watching this makes me realize how miserable I am

  25. kati says:

    The last was my 😍😏👌

  26. The music is so fucking annoying.

  27. Ryan Seay says:

    There was only one recipe here that didn't involve cheese or wasn't a dessert

  28. loner stoner says:

    The background music is cancer

  29. supr_ says:

    Fat Americans stuffing everything with cheese

  30. That saxophone player though

  31. american cooking:
    1-mix all unhealhy stuff you have at home in a bowl
    2-deep frt it

  32. start a restaurant maybe?

  33. Daddy Smurf says:

    I actually want to eat this so stfu about diabetes.

  34. Fatima .N says:

    I wish we had those canned dough thingies, I always fuck up dough, god bless murica

  35. How to win the tasty comments…
    2. Americans are fat
    3. A little cheese and deep frying never hurt anyone
    4. Compilations of old vids
    5. When you run out of ideas
    6. That cucumber looks like a penis
    7. I hate Jackson
    8. I love Jackson
    9. Tasty is my city
    10. Angry vegans

    Congratulations! You just won at the tasty comment section!

  36. Ali Quin says:

    Yummy, some one pass me a humongous bowl. Mamas hungry!😋🍗🍽

  37. Charismafire says:

    Love the music to this vid!

  38. Lil' Oubli says:

    I just ate but I'm starving

  39. what we've learned from this video…
    1. tasty loves cinnamon rolls
    2. deep frying literally everything
    3. onions
    4. A crap ton of cheese
    5. bread.
    6. ground beef

  40. The best ever tasty recipe was the chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake, don't even fight me on this

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