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22 Responses

  1. I love your recipes 😋 I am going to try the chocolate chia pudding 👍🏼💜

  2. retrobanana6 says:

    So yum going to do both!

  3. Elsa says:

    Arrow pointing at Zucchini Blueberries!

    That made me laugh. Love the video!

  4. This looks incredible Liv! I will have to try that pudding… Your recipes are amazing

  5. I just made up a desert recipe and I am going to see if it is good, one banana smashed up and 1/2 cup of oatmeal

  6. Can you PLEASE do a video all on smoothies!! I want to have new smoothie ideas!! 😊😊😊

  7. That coconut whip looks so good

  8. Nasay Jones says:

    I like how you called a zucchini blueberries

  9. Chace says:

    What's the brand of chocolate chips you used? I can't find any sugar free ones!

  10. Kali says:

    You are so amazing! 💕 I will definitely try this out tomorrow! Thank you girl! 😘

  11. What can I use for the first recipe instead of peanut butter? Where I live I can't get one unsugar

  12. Did you forget to mention the honey for the chia seeds recipe? It's in the description but not in the video

  13. Could I blend the chia seeds first before adding the milk and chocolate but still get the same result?

  14. Soraya T says:

    Nice Blueberries 🙃

  15. Kyla Morgan says:

    Great recipes! What type of dairy free chocolate chips did you use in the chia seed pudding?

  16. Ur recipes are outstanding!!! Seriously amazing.. what brand dairy free chips with no added sugar do u use? Trying to find a good one

  17. Zuhchini nachos sounds so good omg making my mouth water 😋

  18. LovedHappy says:

    The recipes on your channel are my absolutely fave 😊 I love your choice of healthier ingredients, those are the things like I use as well. (Coconut milk, honey, oats, eggs, etc) you do such an amazing job with your videos girl💗😘 also love the pretty dishes!😍

  19. nobodyy here says:

    Is peanut butter unhealthy?

  20. fatima sajid says:

    Omg..DROOLING! U're so artsy,Liv 💖

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