Potato Lollipop Recipe | Vegetable Lollipop for Kids |Easy evening tea snacks recipes |Desi Kitchen

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29 Responses

  1. I like the way of grrany talking

  2. bachho ko nahi diya khane ko

  3. Sana Khan says:


  4. احلى ما فيها ضحكتها
    الله يسعدها

  5. Nice song and nice recepie…. Yummmmmmmyyyyy

  6. ruchi nagi says:

    Super se bhi uper😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  7. She is just awesome,and can put any high and mighty chef to shame,so lively, simple but funny…
    Great video guys…true desi video
    Keep up

  8. WHO ARE THOSE STUPID AF 9 PEOPLE WHO DISLIKED THIS VIDEO? This is literally the cutest thing i've seen omg. Thank you Desi Kitchen

  9. Sneha Prasad says:

    Awesome video.. love it💕👌 keep updating frequently

  10. sorry ammama spelling mistake,nuvu kundala vandu

  11. Ammama nuvu gudalaney vandu

  12. usha toppo says:

    where are small kids????

  13. bhupi singh says:

    i dont like their recipes much but i like the dadi ji, she's so happy n full of life always 😂

  14. Kiran Saky says:

    bahut ache h dadi ji

  15. dadi ama suparrrr👌🙏

  16. faiz s says:

    Im fan of ur language😁😁😁

  17. Ohooo wow love u lot amma I am big fan of ur…I want location I am live in dubai any time I will come to hyderabad definitely I will meet u amma…..

  18. Pritpal Ghag says:

    Very good cooking my dear grandma

  19. Very delicious patoto raspee maaji

  20. shashidhar R says:

    Are you rakesh …..Plz gve me answer….

  21. Nani 865 says:

    Veg lollipops super ga chesav amma👌🏻

  22. wanted boy says:


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