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  1. I'd rather make my own website but SquareSpace at least looks super user friendly! Also learning all the HTML, CSS and scripts was a hard learning curve. I'm a year from graduating with my BFA in Interactive Multimedia! Your website is very clean!

  2. These recipes always look so good! Kinda awkward editing in the beginning though but oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️ still love your videos!

  3. taraboland says:

    OMG those mushrooms you had in your breakfast looks SO much like eggs at first. I was like… did I miss something here? lmaooo

  4. I need a cookbook from you asap! Obsessed with your recipes!

  5. Bella Vegan says:

    Omg yummiiiii
    Def making that oven tofu

  6. These recipes are amazing 💕
    I'm Japanese so I eat tofu every day, but I'm always surprised at the way to eat tofu cuz I've never baked tofu in oven. This is a new discovery:)

  7. I love your simple yet delicious recipes! Always inspires me to try something new.

  8. christina says:

    What brand of vegan cheese do you use??

  9. Xinchen Yuan says:

    I'm your NO.1 Chinese fan!! Love it so much!

  10. I love it…your sister need to start a YT makeup channel…you create fabulously delicious healthy recipes and she creates gorgeous looks that we can enjoy and learn some of her techniques…just a suggestion❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Tyler Doiron says:

    omg where did you find the nutritional yeast bacon topping?

  12. Wow I am SO inspired by this! We try to do 'plant based' diet as much as we can but I'd like to do more and go further in it.

  13. Definitely making the butternut squash pasta dish! And I found vegan cheese and vegan butter in my store. Yay me! Thanks for all your hard work.

  14. Waiting on the school lunch vid to push Liv over 600k

  15. Marina Popp says:

    One of my fave breakfasts (besides oat) lovely video! xxx <3

  16. Liv is so good at cooking amazing food

  17. tikea p says:

    I love simple food that everyone can make.

  18. Thank you so much for the video! Will definitely try out the recipes. Great idea using the soup in the mac and cheese! So smart, should've thought of that! :p

  19. lina says:

    Her eyes are beautiful and make me feel relaxed i'm just in love with her eye color so intimating

  20. thanks to YouTubers like you, I have never been so creative with cooking and health aware in my life like I am now! thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipes! without you and other YouTubers, I would not have been vegan. I made the switch five months ago and never looked back! 🙂 so proud to be a part of the vegan community and slowly but surely helping the environment and animals!

  21. Chloe Lynn says:

    You and your sister are so beautiful! Your eyes and skin are amazing 🙂

  22. These recipies look amazing Liv! Definitely trying them out. ♥️

  23. Tiff says:

    Liv you're so beautiful 😭

  24. Nia B. says:

    This mac and cheese recipe is everything!!!! It's so cool to see childhood faves turned into grown up healthy meals LOVE THIS 💕

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