3 MUST TRY Vegan Dinner Recipes in Under 30 Minutes

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18 Responses

  1. Maggie B says:

    this was awesome! all of the recipes look so good😋

  2. Is the food in the boxes non gmo and/or organic?

  3. Vs G says:

    Oml!!! That elote bowl looks amazing!!! I love corn so I'll definetly try it (I'm mexican, maybe that's the reason I love corn so much lol)

  4. Thank you for this review. I'm a. It's mom, so I may try these. Question, what type of pans/pots are you using?

  5. Can you use apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar instead of regular vinegar for the gazpacho?

  6. I didn't know there were vegan versions of these boxes!! These look so good!!

  7. What a shame that so much plastic is used for the packaging of those ingredients…

  8. Caitlin!! I'm a vegan from Maryland, and I have been absolutely addicted to your videos and Instagram lately 🤓 please please please have a meetup in md I would love to meet you! We're already best friends to me 😚😅

  9. Love it when we can make dinner in less than 30.. ⏱⌛💓

  10. Sydney Ni says:

    Omg, I needed this! These recipes are all so good, Im going to have trouble picking one for tomorrow <3

  11. sunny mok says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ look soooo tasty

  12. Ouu la la they look so yummy 💜

  13. Caitlin, do you know effective altruism?

  14. These look great! Thanks for all you do ☺️💕

  15. Wow Iam first :p love your vids.

  16. KWillim2 says:

    first comment! love you❤️ caitlin!

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