5 Minute Vegan Meals | Crazy Easy Vegan Recipes in Minutes

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  1. Taj Tv says:

    Just starting my plant based lifestyle …how does tofu taste😋🤔

  2. Thanks for the videos, love the dishes.

  3. Ella L. says:

    You look a bit like a younger Diana Ross!

  4. lee cool says:

    That first meal is bomb with hot salsa

  5. BaRbCaRiOcA says:

    You are so lovely! Thanks for the recipes

  6. I'm so glad I found your channel… #Blessings

  7. I love how accessible you've made vegan meals! Way to go 😀

  8. i like how you also really mixed up the flavors too! a little central america, a little european, a little asian. very nice.

  9. K O says:

    beautiful food, from a beautiful lady 💜

  10. Love this. I am making that burrito bowl tomorrow.

    Feels like I was waiting for another one of your videos for weeks. Lol.

  11. Sasha J says:

    Could you please make school lunch ideas? 💖

  12. Anova H says:

    You look so happy when you eat these amazing meals and it makes me happy to watch you 🙂

  13. I love your easy meal ideas! And you are so radiant and beautiful!

  14. Amanda Halls says:

    Excited to try the Soba Noodle recipe

  15. Loved this. Please post more 5 minute videos

  16. nicadrmar says:

    Girl! Omg I've been struggling to transition to a plant based vegan diet and was clearly way over thinking this. I am a creature of habit and could totally just recycle these 3 meals every week and be good for a very long time. I'm going to the make them this week! Thank you for this vid.

  17. aron. jpg says:

    Definitely gonna try that burrito bowl !!! 🌯🌯🌯

  18. Sara MM says:

    Great ideas. Thanks Jenne! I can't wait to pre-order your cookbook 🙂

  19. I love them all! The soba noodle one will be the first one I try!

  20. themoonkitty says:

    I love when you taste your food and your eyes light up!
    Thank you for making vegan seem so easy and delicious!!!

  21. Lica Leu says:

    Frozen rice?? what a crazy world 🤔😀

  22. Voted you up for the VegNews Veggie Awards 2017. Went there for another vegan YouTuber and was super excited to see your name on the list.

  23. These are my go to meals also! We do international nights, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Asian, South Western etc, you get the idea. Then you pretty much "bowl" it. Grains that would be eaten there protein source, veggies that would be eaten there (seasonal if possible also). Sauce is what ever is wet there, avocado, tahini, soy, miso, vinegar, etc. Super yummy and easy. No time to cook? Get an Instant pot! Looks most beans in 1hr, Black beans in 1hr 15min, I live at 6,000ft. Thanks for the yummy quick and delishious ideas.

  24. Voerti says:

    These look yummy! Def want to try the last one. Where did you get your blue bowl from?

  25. MsPhatmama83 says:

    I love your recipes my fiancé and I recently decided to go vegan I thought it was gonna be hard but after watching some of your videos and reading your blog, it made it easier I have even gotten my 2 youngest kids to try some of the food and they like it my oldest one not so much thank you for making this easy transition for us to be vegan.

  26. Aye!! All look so yummy! My family and I have been vegan/plant based for a month now! I have always enjoyed cooking now vegan cooking really sparks my passion!! Thanks for inspiring us to chance beautiful!!!

  27. Lola H says:

    Great recipes, i will add some spices ♡

  28. These recipes look so delicious and tasty and I also love the great quality of your videos. 🙂 Gonna try that burrito bowl! x

  29. 🇺🇸🦋🥒🍅Vegan paleo🙋🏻😉👍🏼💟

  30. Rebecca Papa says:

    I can't believe you put your food on the microwave. You might as well grab a side of hormone ridden beef. All the nutrients were destroyed when you did that.

  31. Kadina Webb says:

    I've been vegan for two weeks now. I'm SOOOO happy I found you, because you have made this transition so much easier for me
    I'm so inspired by you. Thanks for all the greatness😆

  32. Slap Stick says:

    Add some minced garlic to the soba dish for extra yumminess.

  33. Love this, thanks so much! Tell us how to get Vegan arms like you? what exercise do you do? Thank you so much😍😍😗

  34. Hey Potato Soul, do yuo have any brazilian BG? I've notice that you listen to alot of brazilian songs… Kisses from brazil!!

  35. plush furr says:

    Luks delicious😋. Ur so beautiful.😍 luv ur hair

  36. The vegan meals i take make way less mess and take way less time to cook/make.

  37. Coming from somebody who doesn't even really know how to cook the vegan lifestyle seem so effortless for me half the time you're eating raw you don't even have to use the stove it's awesome

  38. labella42071 says:

    You are the best ❤️ and your hair is gorgeous!

  39. animeotaku15 says:

    Definitely trying the burrito bowl. Thank you!

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