5 Tasty Breakfast Wraps | Back-to-School 2017

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  1. ckrtom2 says:

    I know there's a good quantity of components in the wraps, but shouldn't the ends of the wraps be tucked in to make them truly practical for portability…One would have to carefully hold these in a horizontal position for the fillings to not come out the other end.
    (PS, Ok I see at 0:52 you did tuck in the end, although I don't see that in the beauty shots?)

  2. Manda Rapp says:

    These would also be great in a pita! Less opportunity of tearing from folding the tortilla 🙂

  3. Pixie Locks says:

    I hate the way Americans/Canadians say Yogurt!! Makes me cringe

  4. tammygurl64 says:

    These look yummy! 😋 Omg… the Nutella wrap… I never thought of mixing it with cream cheese. Mmmm, good!

  5. warhol cow says:

    Yum! Great ideas!!

  6. Mazol G says:

    omg I love these wraps.

  7. Thank you for sharing this.. bc I'm not an egg person and honestly never thought about using fruit..

  8. Awesome ideas!!! Inspired!

  9. Teresa White says:

    Yum. It seems we had the same favorites as children. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh my word those look good! I would totally toss that last one on a panini press! Yummy!

  11. belizeguy says:

    Take these away from me, darling.  They look so good, and I bet they taste amazing, but I can not take the carbs in these.  Hell of a cheat breakfast though.  HMMM!

  12. maliha usman says:

    I am glad I am eating while watching this 😂

  13. Jaya Dawson says:

    heard about your new food show (i think i was you pretty positive different hair threw me off) but omgggg congraaats! healthy delicious food is the shit and my little sisters (7&8) love your recipes and hate junk food! thank you 💛💜❤

  14. Hi. They look yummy. Can you tell me what the carb count is for each of the wraps. Thank you in advance for your response. 😊

  15. Katie B says:

    The PB&J cereal one is PERFECT for my 3 year old. Getting her to eat breakfast is nearly impossible and mornings are too hectic for me to make anything super time consuming for her. That wrap is some of her favorite foods presented in a fun (and healthy!) way. Thank you!!

    (I'll totally be trying the Nutella one for myself too 😉 )

  16. Angel Su says:

    oooh I might have to buy some tortillas from work tomorrow! a hurricane's coming so this would be perfect for if the power goes out

  17. Philip Murad says:

    What an awesome idea. I can pack the ingredients up and put it together at work!!

    I am highly disappointed in you and your crew. The entire video I just knew you were going to end with "that's a wrap". 😟

  18. 😍 amazing i would like more breakfast ideas or lunchbox 😍

  19. Rlyne says:

    can you do different burritos with eggs meat and a 3 ways video on asparagus please thank you

  20. Darlene Dore says:

    Never thought of this creative way to have or eat for breakfast. Love it!

  21. This is belle and thank u very much my son starts high school and he needs a healthy start to the day and a great snack.he is taking a fittiness and weight training class

  22. Edna Sackor says:

    I'm hungry already. .perfect ideas

  23. Erika B says:

    Luv the idea of Peanut Butter, Jelly and Cheerio one! It really is childhood in a wrap! All of them are so quick and easy, plus sound tasty! Have a great weekend Sara

  24. Miss Snippy says:

    OMG! Great ideas! Totally doing this. Thank you!! 💕💕💕

  25. Kay Kay says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing

  26. Farah Naz says:

    Never will try …

  27. Farah Naz says:

    Hate wraps get soggy!!

  28. Make food combinations please

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