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  1. Hi Beth, love all your recipes. Can you make some quick vegetarian salads in 15-30 mins? 😊

  2. I can't wait to get your box! I love watching your videos, they are so inspiring 😊😊😊😊

  3. Beth, you are my favorite cook and I adore your YouTube channel. I wish you best of luck on this new and exciting project! You are talented, loving and a genuine person. May you always enjoy what you do!!!!
    P. S. If you ever decide to shoot a show w a fan as your guest, I would love to be that person!!!! Have a great week!

  4. George Plumb says:

    Being from England, are there other cucumbers??

  5. Khup David says:

    Hey Beth can you please do a house tour? i would really love to see your rooms and kitchen

  6. Love ya Beth!!! Thanks for sharing you amazing talent and passion!

  7. Hi Beth! Would you ever do a kitchen tour/kitchen organization tour? I would love to see something like that 🙂

  8. Yummy!!! Very elegant and easy!!! Love your channel so glad you decided to this!!!

  9. These are by far my favorite videos of yours! I have two young kids at home and I'm always looking for quick and easy weeknight meal ideas. Keep them coming, please. 😊

  10. Green Willow says:

    Looks delicious ! My mouth was watering! Must try this!💚

  11. K I.E says:

    Beth, you're simply the best!
    Thanks for you're wonderful recipes, for the excellent filming/editing, for being you. You're such an inspiring person!
    I wish you all the best!

  12. Hey Beth! You should definitely make Ratouille.

  13. I love love love the dinner in 15minutes or less. I hope you are continually blessed in this new radiant journey.

  14. Carly Travis says:

    It would be really yummy with mashed avocado inside as well

  15. Raya Johnson says:

    Looks delicious, definitely going to give this recipe a try 😀

  16. Hope Lang says:

    I absolutely LOVE your videos! You have a gift! I have also made many many MANY of your recipes! When I saw the picture on instagram I thought this was going to be a hard one to follow. WOW! I cannot wait to give this a try! Keep it up!

  17. XXYuminMHXX says:

    I remember a time where my mom had asked her friends for dinner a week before she was planning on hosting it. She had forgotten which day she had asked them to come to dinner until one of her friends called and said "I'm so excited to see what you're making for dinner tonight" and then she suddenly remembered. She had no idea what to make, we just had a few basic ingredients and chicken and veggies and things like that. I remembered your real-time recipes and quickly showed her a video, I can't remember which one but it was definitely a chicken recipe. She made it quickly before her friends came to dinner, and they had no idea how rushed the dish was! We played it cool and didn't tell them we had totally forgotten they were coming to dinner. They all really enjoyed dinner. This is proof that your real-time recipes do help in times of need lol.

  18. Thank you so much sharing your recipes, Beth 🙂 Your videos help me a lot at school, especially now that I'm studying culinary arts 😀

  19. puccaluv08 says:

    I'm so glad you mentioned the dill at the end there I was worried for a moment. I think its just as good with salmon as cucumber. Thanks for another delicious recipe

  20. Susan J. says:

    I'm going to make this for my Sunday brunch. If you ever have any advice or tips on flower arranging, I'd love to see that. Thanks again for the recipe.

  21. Love everything: You, the dish and the dog 😘

  22. Anand Hardas says:

    Wonderful video.. Best part?? 4.04! 😍😘

  23. luv muzik says:

    this isn't something that i would eat..but thank you beth for sharing are such a beautiful person inside and out.

  24. 😍😍😍 i guess since u r talking to explain how we have to assemble everything, i guess it'll take even less time to make it cuz we won't be talking!😂

  25. Sky Stars says:

    Impossible not to love you 🙂

  26. This looks delightful Beth! Great recipe 😋

  27. bhofosho says:

    What a fun video and a great summer recipe to try! 🙂 thank you Beth!

  28. Hey Beth! I've been subscribed to you for a while now, and I've watch you become so comfortable in front of the camera. your videos are so entertaining, and helpful! Thanks Beth 💖👍

  29. KL says:

    Your dog is so cute Beth and thanks for sharing this recipe!

  30. Ruby Chiang says:

    This could be one of the best real-time recipe videos! 😂😂😂

  31. Ruby Chiang says:

    This could be one of the best real-time recipe videos! 😂😂😂

  32. Ruby Chiang says:

    Doggy!!!!! 🐶😍😍😍

  33. Looks delicious! I love salmon.

  34. Mary Chavez says:

    Thank you Beth! You always make your recipes so approachable! I'm going to make this tomorrow. So thrilled for you.

  35. Joanie Nina says:

    I love this format!! Also, you're so sweet♡ Gonna make this soon for my hubby! Thank you so much for this recipe! Blessings😘

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