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  1. FrootKat says:

    It's perfect. Really makes me want to cook ❤️

  2. Sella Taff says:

    Omg thank you so much! This will help so much for university! Do they have it be kept in he fridge and re microwaved?

  3. Lulu Rambles says:

    Thank you sooo much ♥ I want to make them all! I was wondering, how long do the wrap and the bell peppers last in the fridge?

  4. Summer Oh says:

    You are just amazing..

  5. Dinner in lunch in one? You are a genius, though I'm not surprised because you are full of helpful knowledge and delicious ideas! Love you, Sadia!

  6. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. 💖

  7. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. 💖

  8. I'm obsessed with your videos, please continue to create more content on YouTube 🤞🏽 I would love for you to explain in a video how exactly did u become a nutritionist and such.. I'm super dedicated to my health and fitness I really would like to learn more. Xx

  9. Laura Brown says:

    I love these types of videos!! They give me so much inspiration and motivation to try new things 🍏🍌🌯 Thanks for all the ideas 😄💚

  10. Nataly C says:

    I love your videos and your channel!! 💖 Your videos are soo relaxing and I get happy each time you upload!

  11. Emmily Nunes says:

    I'm not vegan but these recipes look really tasty. I'd eat everything. Please don't stop making your food videos, they're wonderful

  12. Mars Violet says:

    "And a sauce called ketchup"

  13. michaela f. says:

    You are a big inspiration to me, thank you very much for all your work. :))

  14. Barbara Lee says:

    You make vegetarianism look so simple and DELICIOUS!! Does your diet include supplements/vitamins?

  15. HeyImOlive says:

    You remind me of my teacher this year… and she is super nice and smart ❤️ I will definitely be making the wrap 🙂


  17. I love how refreshing and colorful the fruit salad looks! Have you ever experimented with making homemade falafel as a protein/filler for your wraps? Would love to know if you have a recipe you like! 😀

  18. These… look… so yummy! Schools should sell your lunchboxes xD!!

  19. vivian o. says:

    ahhhh i was looking for vegan lunch ideas!!! thank you so much sadia:)

  20. "Ketchup" in America is a super creamy tomato like sauce that a lot of us use on burgers, dipping sauce for fries and/or nuggets. Interesting that ketchup is different in other countries.

  21. Leah says:

    You can use hydrated TVP in place of veggie grounds! It's way cheaper and I use it in everything from chili to meatballs. Great recipes! I've been recommending your channel to everyone I know lately.

  22. Yay yay yay!!! I love your ideas!

  23. Becky says:

    These all look so good wow 😻

  24. Damn this all looks goooood! 😍

  25. Sam Bou says:

    love your ideas and your appairence. can you do some vegan spreads plz would like to send the kids with some healty spreads to school.

  26. Yay! ❤ can't wait to try all of these!

  27. I love this so much! She's beautifulllll 😍 * talking about the food lol but It's so helpful! Ugh wish I could afford a bento box lol I hate when my food touches 😂❤️.

  28. Grace Nogal says:

    I love your videos! Can you make one on healthy eating like how often you should eat and how much. Things like that. Thanks. You are such an inspiration!

  29. Oh, how did you know I was looking for lunch ideas? Your recipes always look so good!!

  30. xilvsionx says:

    Where you can get this amazing Bento box ?

  31. <3 sending you some love

  32. OMG much needed video! I've been struggling with meal planning.

  33. HYPNOS says:

    Yass queen, slay

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