3 LUNCH IDEAS! Healthy, Vegan & Easy!

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  1. Laura Laura says:

    Love how honest you are❤

  2. Corrie Myhr says:

    Ok so I need suggestions from fellow cover artists or just Youtubers in general. What microphone do you use? Do you like it? Are there any other microphones you would suggest?

    Thank you 💕 I'd love for feedback on my covers too

  3. I tried that pizza crust and didn't love it either sadly

  4. I had the same experience with the cauliflower crust! The taste was not great and it totally fell apart. Ended up being more like a pizza salad that i had to eat with a fork. I'd rather use Trader Joe's pizza dough and make the pizza on there. It's vegan too, tastes great, and doesn't fall apart even with heavy toppings like potatoes and zucchini.

  5. Sierra Marie says:

    not to be innapropriate but… "that i scissored" had me cracking up!

  6. 253 greatest says:

    i love the cooking videos! you look great with your hair like that btw ☺

  7. Lia Y says:

    Jasmine is sticker then white rice

  8. Lia Y says:

    My request for a video is your and Dan's testimonies

  9. OMG i tried that cauliflower rice and my family and i HATED it! such a disappointment! glad we arent the only people that feel this way

  10. Thank you for posting vegan videos! 🙏🏻

  11. Trader Joe's has Trader Joe's brand cauliflower crust pizza that you just put in the oven and it's SO GOOD. I've tried making my own crust before and it was so bad too:( but the premade pizza from TJ's is amazingggg. Doesn't even taste like cauliflower.

  12. I love these cooking videos!

  13. unicorn2000 says:

    I will never understand how people can eat raw onion 😛 but I love your cooking videos!!!

  14. Couldn't stop thinking of Tasty Tuesday lol

  15. cassykg says:

    could you please post the recipes for these meals? with the measurements. pleaseeee! so want to try these.

  16. solnavarro93 says:

    I would use mango in the bowl !

  17. I wish I lived with you so you would be able to feed me !!! I love you Nikki 💖💙

  18. Suzie Tran says:

    Jasmine rice is used in most Asian cuisine (Thai, Vietnam)

  19. I'm loving these vegan food ideas! Thank you for spreading a positive message!!!

  20. Claire284 says:

    Love the first pasta recipe!! I've never thought of making pasta like that before.

  21. Looks sooooo delicious….again😂 gonna try them as soon as I go back to school💕💕💕

  22. Paige Lynn says:

    I love that crust! Kinda looks like you didn't pre cook it long enough. Did you flip it half way through? Also it's a fork and knife crust but it's so yummy

  23. Nallie Morey says:

    And it will inspire hair tutorials for short hair like yours 😃

  24. Nallie Morey says:

    Omg love your hair ❤️❤️❤️you should do a tutorial 👍👍🤗

  25. Next time you make this you should add lime juice and cilantro to your rice and made a copy cat chipotle rice as the base it's so delicious!

  26. BlaineC2040 says:

    Those look delicious thanks for the inspiration, I think I'll do all of these, but do some little tweeks 😉

  27. Lily Dawn says:

    Food videos are the best videos 😏

  28. Laura Corgia says:

    why the hell is your first meal called brushetta pasta x) those are two completely different (looks yummyyyyy)

  29. Katie King says:

    your voice sounds so much like emma stone's!

  30. kiya12309 says:

    I love how your eyes basically roll back in your head when you're loving what you're eating. I am the exact same way.

  31. OMG so gonna make the bruschetta macaroni for college lunch. Also thanks so much for sharing ethical vegan recipes, it is a good example to set for viewers!

  32. Erin Vega says:

    What will you do with no trader joes when you move??

  33. I've tried the cauliflower pizza crust. My whole family liked it! We put tomato sauce on it and then just added arugula, balsamic vinaigrette, and some onion. I think maybe your toppings just didn't go well with the pizza crust?

  34. Ami Amaranta says:

    Remember to add some complete protein to your meals please!

  35. P.s you're really cool!!!

  36. Nikki! Just wanted to say how much I really enjoy watch you and your videos!!! I love all the positive energy you put out! You're really awesome!!! Love ya! Xoxo

  37. I love when you cook for us. I wore my hair like this the other day because of you and I got a lot of compliments! thank you for your awesome unique style!! loved the video :))

  38. Nikki i loved the rice bowl while im writig this im cooking the rice and about to cut up the VEGGIES

  39. sevilrory says:

    I really like that you honestly said what you thought about that cauliflower crust and weren't like : guys so good, you need to try this!!

  40. Omg can i eat this through The screen it looks so freaking Good 😂😂

  41. gabs98xo says:

    i LOVE your food videos! i'm definitely going to make the rainbow chipotle bowl this week!! love you nikki<3

  42. girl,like I have a really bad relationship with vegetables,but your videos make everything seem so yummy,I crave veggies more and more!!!

  43. LoveNBeautyx says:

    That cauliflower crust is amazing!

  44. Naomi K says:

    I found your look-alike! It's Vanessa Kirkby!

  45. I needed that quote today. Thank you, Nikki💕

  46. Neshhh says:

    I've never made that crust, or any cauliflower crust, but it sounds very bland tbh

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