Healthy Chicken Ratatouille Recipe /

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  1. Made this last night right after you posted it…my husband and I LOVED it!!! Thank you so much for posting! 😋

  2. B Floyd says:

    Glad I found ur channel! Lots of ideas for my "struggle chicken" looking forward to ur cookbook coming out!

  3. Adir Shlomo says:

    Kev, you said (0:46/1:53) “add olive oil”, while adding Avocado oil yourself. Any significant difference bro?

  4. Jane Doe says:

    What is the name of that induction cooktop?

  5. yummmmyyy how many calories in whole pot???😜

  6. SaintNath says:

    Love your videos! One thing I always wondered. Why do you use olive oil for cooking? Is it just for taste? Since I heard it doesn't contain as many unsaturated fatty acids as e.g. canola, has a unfavourable smoke point and is more expensive than other plant oils.

  7. bouba033x says:

    You have to cook eggplant & zucchini in different skillet, if you want a better result, but your version is quick and easy to dish wash 😉

  8. Heyyyy Kevin this recipe is lit looks good. What can I sub the chicken for a good change up?

  9. This looks so good Kev, I will definitely try this out. Also…. your T-Shirt is LIT ! Saludos!

  10. se ve delicioso OMG😋😋

  11. Sine Metu says:

    Looking great- I am thinking about adding soy beans or chick peas for a little bit "chrunch", but then it would be more like a stew I guess^^

  12. Barbelle says:

    Looks so gooood! and easy!

  13. Omg 😋 por eso me encantan tus recetas #1 sabor #2 healthy #3 lo fácil que es para preparar 👏👏 bueno algunos , Pero prefiero los fáciles Por la rapidez en que los preparo 👌😊

  14. Fit Men Cook says:

    Who's trying this recipe? 😀👍

  15. Beautiful Ratatouille my friend. Great recipe to make and store away in portions too. I actually make different versions of this a lot and never realized I was making Ratatouille lol.

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