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23 Responses

  1. KaeSun says:

    as a college student how on earth can you afford all that food…

  2. SANTOS TV says:

    Forget the ground Synonym, y'all see that raw Tuna? LMFAO

  3. peaches says:

    y'all think you're so clever by mocking her pronounciation but you're the ones with your asses glued to your beds only wishing you could be this full of energy, motivation and determination lol. homegirl has her life together + a loving boyfriend, wyd?

  4. Topless Chef says:

    Love this video. Very helpful. Wish i knew this when i was a student. Will be trying these recipes!!

  5. Ess Dubya says:

    Does she live with her parents? I've never seen a kitchen that nice in student housing.

  6. Love the tuna idea, sounds good. Props to you for being committed enough to eating the same thing everyday, Im trying to find a meal prep where the meals are different, but use the same ingredients

  7. craft master says:

    The biggest flaw of this video is that you assume that as a college student I have money to buy food 😂😩

  8. Alexis Veal says:

    I wish I had this much motivation 😳

  9. Mona Kelly says:

    I love her energy! Great vid

  10. RS says:

    Oh wow u guys are so clever ti catch her pronounciation mistake! Here are ur cookies, so shut up plz

  11. ucdlin says:

    jeez you're so cute I couldn't stop watching

  12. zarlet1 says:

    Where do I buy the synonym? Thanks

  13. Heyitsme Ok says:

    I like her voice it sounds nice

  14. Noel Dillard says:

    Do you just microwave them? Do you refrigerate or freeze? How long are they good refrigerated?

  15. Mikael says:

    Can you use ground antonym as a replacement? They don't sell synonyms at my local store…

  16. baddie. zoey says:

    that ground synonym is so yummy

  17. Every one twlking about the "groung SYNONYM" 😂😂❤️

  18. Omg I wish u cud train me .I watch every single video try to perfect the moves but I bet I'm making lots of mistakes I been injured 2x lol keep making videos ill be sexy an crippled in no time 😂😂

  19. mcsithlord1 says:

    ive never met a non rich college student that could do this

  20. Aari Dula says:

    Well this is a collage student the only thing is when your not in a big place she is in just saying most college students are broke she spent way to much more then the average college student

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